Sunday, December 20, 2009

HobbyCon 2009 The Aftermath

So I thought, maybe, just maybe I should totally skip this post coz I got two (2) other post to work on.  I have been lazy with the holiday season approaching.

Or I should combine all three (3) post, I wonder.  Nahh~ I guess not.  It'd be totally messed up if I did that.  Anyways, lets recall what happened.

I'm a week late.  For this post.  Sorry 'bout that.  It took me almost a week to finish upload the photos.  I didn't upload all though.  I'd be crazy if I do that.  Imagine 700++ shots for two (2) days cut to 322 photos?  I think, if I calculate it correctly.

Day 1,

We have Danbo made out of boxes by aks.

I've ordered danbo but it came in too late.  If not, there will be shots of em together.  But, you can read about my post about those version of danbo at my figure photos blog, here.

This year, we got some new booth.

Tarot reading by Zack.  He's the one with the "witch" finger nails.  *breaks it.

I had my session on the second day.  Ehem~ it's between me, him and god, am not gonna tell anyone about it hur hur hur.

We also have Papercraft this year by one of the forumer from  Their blog site, here (I hope I got this correctly).

Also from ArtPreciate.  I thought the boards were awesome.

Kewl awesome cosplay.

The artboard.

HobbyCon 2010 mascot competition.

Okay wait a minute.  I think I changed my mind about explaining about how kewl each booth is that I think it's better if you guys click my photo link as follows instead.

Day 1 photos, here.
Day 2 photos, here.

Lets just say overall it was great though I'm tired from running around taking photos for two (2) days.  Heck, facebook also neglected.

Too many photo uploading and photo tagging/commenting.  Not farnie.  I think I reach the point where I'm tired of tagging people already LOL.

CSP group photo by chucky.  I swear there's more people from CSP last year.  Hmm what happened this year?  They went back early issit?

I don't think he's done with day 2 yet.

I hope the photos enough to describe everything.  Somehow I'm going through a permanent block that I can't put anything down in words.

Till my next blog post.  Sorry 'bout this post, I really really really don't want to make it long.


  1. I like that Danbo box robot thingy ... I feel like making one for myself ... LOL!

  2. @Nick: get the revoltech figure ;) the eyes lit up XD

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