Saturday, December 25, 2010

17th - 23rd Dec 2010 KL Trip - Part 1

Gawd! I left this post since morning and I haven't start typing anything yet.

Been watermarking my photos since morning and uploading it via facebook.  Finishing up with Day 1 and it's 4am already and I'm still not done.

Note:  I just realize I can't combine 7 days post into 1.  So, am gonna do this in parts.

Okay starting my post now.  This post acts like a reminder to me, not intend to hurt anyone's feelings though I'm the one who's slightly hurt by people's behavior and drama *sigh.

There's a limit to my patience and so, this post gonna be slightly expressive.  If you think I'm talking about you, feel free to leave a comment.  And I would like to apologize to anyone whose feelings that I might hurt directly/indirectly.

For those who doesn't know me too well, I would like to inform that I get annoyed with peeps who talks too much.  It gets on my nerves.  I'm the kind who likes peace and quiet.

17th Dec 2010 - Morning flight to KL.

We stop by KFC at KKIA Terminal 2 for a drink while Yus and his parents went to have breakfast.  Same flight with 3 other peeps.

Boarded the 10am-ish flight.  Arrived at LCCT around noon, I forgot that I was at LCCT and wanted to take the KLIA express.  Just found out that from LCCT, we had to either take the bus to KL Sentral or the KLIA transit option which to take the shuttle bus to Salak Tinggi station and proceed with ERL to KL Sentral.  We took this option which cost us RM12.50 each. 

Arrived at KL Sentral proceed to KL Monorail (coz it goes direct to Titiwangsa station), dammit should have taken STAR instead.  We arrived at our hotel at 4pm.  Yes, that whole walking and train thing took us that long.

I took the master bedroom because of the toilet.  I ain't sharing and I told my bro and mum long time ago (I asked for permission from 2 people to prevent any future misunderstanding and no, mum didn't follow us to KL, so happeh now duck? HAPPEH?!).  This also gimme room to do my 8 mins workout everyday.  I'd hate peeps be staring at me while I work ma ass.  So whoever unsatisfied with this decision or to why am not sharing, GTFO please.  If you pay RM50 per person + per night then you got the right to talk.  

Went to meet up with Sakuya and Jna for dinner at Berjaya Times Square.  I'm such a newb to that area that I did a lot of calling for direction.

Sakuya with her green contact lens.  Trying to get use to it.  As per massy's request ;D

I guess I was starving coz I didn't had lunch and had 2 piece of sausages for breakfast.  Dinner at Taste of Asia at Berjaya Times Square, my raves, here.

I would like to thank the peeps I met during dinner for letting me "suck" all ur positive energy.  I am calm.  I was feeling better in a way.  I think it's also the fact that I haven't been to KL for years. 

I vaguely remember that I travel to BTS alone and that I were meeting my bro at Titiwangsa station so we'd walk together.  I think it was roughly around 9:30pm or was it 10pm.  He was picking the other peeps who were gonna stay with us for few nites.  There's were some eyesore moments that I had to walk faster than everyone else.  No offense to my own brother but I think he'd make a gewd "caddy" / "bellboy".  Just my 2 cent.  I'd carry my own luggage and bags coz it's gewd exercise.  I swear I was brisk walking to the hotel and when I reach, I went straight to my room.  And peeps outside, I can hear you guys talking *swt.  It's so loud that I had to ask my bro if u guys gonna sleep at all.

I guess you can say I'm anti social or I just can't handle too much negative aura for a day?  

18th Dec 2010 - Comic Fiesta - Day 1

First day of CF!  Penman suppose to pick me up but I woke up around 6am and did my 8 mins workout and took sunrise photo around 7:30am.  Gosh, I swear if there's a path for me to jog I would.  I think my bro and his group left around 9am that I told him that I'd wait for my fren to pick me up but I thought that it was a bit late that I'd go myself.  So there I was, walking from hotel to the station and went to Sakuya's and Jna's place to meet them up.

I should have told Nex that I'd collect my tix from him but I forgot.  I think I was in that state that I was pissed that I had to look for my bro at a place I'm not familiar with to collect my CF tix.  Oh yeah, I haven't had breakfast.  Was suppose to have lunch but I thought might as well wait for everyone and go down and eat.  But guess wat, time past very fast that when I decided to do that, it was almost dinner HAHHAHAHAHA. 

CF this year was held at Berjaya Times Hotel which is at 14th floor.  I think the venue is too small and it's a bit crowded.  Going up also is a problem.  People were pushing each other.  I enjoyed some EPIC farnie moments while in the lift with some friends LOL.  Make lift look full.

Here, u'll notice my photos went from too red, too blue or too yellow, *blames the lighting.  I have to keep changing the W/B.  That's a mood kill.

At the entrance, some artworks display.

What's going on outside?

Met Sabah peeps!

Penman, sorry u had to starve with me ;D

Ki Chan - camwhored with her.


My babe, acom and bibing ;D

Ranzie! Zomg sorry it took me awhile.  I know it was u, but stunned okeh.

I've also met KL nendorians, Ming Wai, sakuradesune and chizzu.  But I didn't take photo orz.  I phail.

Too crowded, too much cosplayers.  These are some that I manage to take.  I can't become paparazzi sorry, it's so not me.

I did a tag along with Sakuya.  She cosplayed as one of my fav character.  Black Rock Shooter's Dead Master.  Damn, you know what she didn't bring?  Her skull.  RAGE! I mean *uhuk~ uhuk~

I'm her personal assistant for the day.

Miss awsum was also there.  While suiting up, lotsa ppl came to check her out,  penpen become bodyguard for a day.  Once suit up, as she walk out from that corner where she suit up, actually that place is near the toilet and kitchen, her road was OPEN! zomg, it was so epic I forgot to take pictar.

Human size domokun.

Human size danbo.

Erm, this is erm.  Nvm.


Now, lets go inside.


More people *faints.

Free NIPS!

The booths!  I wanted to get stuff, I mean a lot of stuff, but I dun think I can bring em all back orz.

The crowd.  Doujin section btw.

Met kana sama and Rina! ;D

Comic sold out! YATTA!  Congrats kana sama ;3

BJD heaven! *nose bleed.

Nendo heaven.  *fainted


Once go down, never go up.  Well except that we had to go up coz Sakuya forgot her shoe.  Lucky it's still there.

Went to have breakfast/lunch/dinner at Teppanyaki.

I had Salmon Fish Teppanyaki, RM16.90 with ocha (refills!) for RM1.20.  I guess I was supah hungreh that I almost finish this.  I normally eat half or maybe quarter of this.  And yes, I'm not a big fan of beansprout.  So yeah.

Kuya had Gyu Don for RM16.90.

Subject to 10% Service Charge.

My raves, here.

More photos via facebook, here.

Had a karaoke session with acom and bibing at Neway.  Cannot escape! XD  It was fun!  Zomg the salad was delicious.  Too bad I had to leave 1 hour early coz my bro and "his gang" wants to go back.  Heck! I didn't get to drink my 2nd drink.  But song list there is awesome.  Happeh.  Oh except some of the karaoke version of a certain song, made us confuse.

Oh yeah, Hangmen overnite at our place? It took me awhile.  Oh and his bag is heaveh! I would prolly need to use my shoulders to carry that.  I love walking fast.  Gewd exercise.

- to be continued -


  1. which hotel do u checked-in?? wahh that pikachu a girl ka??

  2. @Aj: Golden City condo, it's a place with 3 rooms, living room and kitchen. That pikachu is my brother ;D

  3. Pikachu gurl wif 6 boobies!!! yaaay!!!!

    *morest morest*

  4. @Nex: zomg, get a room please.

  5. hahahahahahhahahahah mas mas

  6. @koby: u ain't seeing nothing yet. And this is only Part 1

  7. u need positive energy!!! next trip come n we feed u. LOL

  8. @sotong: nuuuuuuuu, I dun want kena feed, I want ppl to hang with ;D

  9. too many rage and epic moment, plus the spicy drama,telenovela,cerekarama,j-dorama,kdorama tales...very entertaining indeed :)

  10. @nova: *sigh. I'm getting bored of drama.

  11. xD nice DM cosplay geh~ rofl ur brother got boobs D:

    mah armeh!

  12. @sakura: yeah his boobs is bigger than mine orz. kaito armeh! ;D