Sunday, December 05, 2010

Maintaining Weight + Stay Healthy

So I've been on a jogging spree for few months now.  Oh gosh, I can't remember when I started but I'll run every week.  Lost some weight, gained a bit and lose a bit, I can't help it, I love to eat okeh.  Weight is like see-saw, gain 1kg, lose 1kg fuuuuuuuuu!  Reduced the number of runs/jog from 6 times a week to 3 times a week, I actually like to strain myself.  Run less run faster?  Add up some workout in the morning, well except when I feel unmotivated.  RAWR! must stay motivated!

Found out Likas Park distance.  It's 800m + or -.  See, when I started jogging, I couldn't be bothered about the clothes and shoes I wear, I'm learning it slowly and running faster everyday now.  Not forgetting that I didn't time myself the last time.  But compared to with last time and this time, I can run 8km in 1 hour  + or - (must shave off that 15 mins).  Which is gewd, compared to when I tried running 8km the first time, I think it took me nearly 3 hours.  And been using dailymile to keep track my training, you can check it here ;D

I've also stop using mp3 when I run.  I tend to follow music beat when I run, will mess up my breathing. Oh wai- come to think of it, my breathing is messed up.

My usual runs were Likas on weekdays and Tun Fuad on weekends, sticking with Likas for weekdays, well sometimes I go to Tun Fuad during weekdays coz running on a flat road tends to get a wee bit boring.  Especially when you do it almost everyday for the past few months.  Today, went jog with 2 frens at Signal Hill to Jesselton Point.  It was fun!  I would wanna improve my runs and my ehem technique.  I'm such a sloucher, I ADMIT!  But no worries, I'm working on fixing my posture *uhuks~

I slept on the sofa while watching tv around noon.  Lmao.  All curled up till mum told me to sleep in my room lmao.  Went up to my room, watch an old movie and fell asleep on the bed sweating OMFG, it was so hot.  I mean seriously.  I woke up around 4 but slept till 5pm instead lmao.  Gosh!  I think the whole sleeping was to avoid eating.  But phail.  I dun usually sleep in the afternoon.  Not unless I'm uber tired or uber bored.

Now, today, I finally got a replacement!  My new found love.  Adidas adizero boston, woot!  I'd blame Rule for making me fall in love with this shoe.  The first time I saw it, I wanted it already.  And it took me months of dreaming of owning it to finally get it.  LOL.  Actually he recommend to take a ClimaCool which is cheaper by RM100 but I can't seem to get my eyes from this HAWT red.  I though, hope that I made the right choice hehe.  Paranoid.

 I also bought a new shirt.  Ehem, between black and purple (that reach as almost to pink), I pick black.  Actually I wanted a red shirt but it cost RM60 bucks more which pisses me off. 

No smaller size, but I guess this will do, just in case I wanna hide some flab.

Just in case you might be curious how does my current shoe look like?  Here, I'll post some photos, sorry if I hurt your eyes with my fugleh shoe and blistering foot orz.

POWER!  Got this when I got fed up with my 2 previous nike shoes.  So yeah, I wasn't thinking straight.

I think I had this for few years.

OMG so dirty!  It went through a lot of rainy days.

And here's my fugleh blistering foot.  Well my right foot to be exact.  Look how bad it is with the current shoe?  Reminder to self, when you feel pain, change it!  But then again, I endure so much these few months hehe.  Maybe not enuff pain?  

I'm sure everyone experienced this before?

I'll be in KL for a week next week. How the hell am gonna get some work out done? Anyone wanna jog with me?

It's 40 mins to midnite and I'm hungreh. WTH. But I had Garlic Naan for dinner! Urgh.


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ouuuchhhhh

  2. now i like you already,,, i love running too,,, do it like 4 times a week, each time about 1 hour non stop, once a week i push for 2 and half non stop,,,,,,

    next year come to penang and run for Penang Bridge International Marathon,,, bet you will like it

    shoes are important and the vest too, cos they make you feel comfortable and nice,, good for it,,,

    my lovely wife got the running bug when i got her into it since then she loved it so much

  3. i have a pair of nike free black white color ^_^

  4. @clay: please ignore my fugleh toes.

    @eugene: yes, it initially started with keeping fit and maintaining weight but somehow got addicted to running, but my posture is bad. Btw, when is Penang Bridge International Marathon? I'll be joining the Borneo International Marathon next year for Half Marathon. Wish me luck!

    @Nova: did u make use of it? XD

  5. Aunty, I was gonna blog about jogging shoes and then I stumbled upon this post. Ngam Ngam oh kan? haha. Nvm i will dedicate that post to you.

  6. @Uncle: heheheheh how to pick your shoe orz. I had trouble in that dept. Tapi pandai kepala batu jua ni. I want this! I dun want that! ;D