Saturday, December 04, 2010

1st Dec Weekend

HobbyCon 2010 is next week peeps.  More info. at the official website, here.

I'm looking forward to TeamDayDreamers goodies this year too, and plus the fact that I want to be 1st customer again hehe.  More info. about their new comic, here.  I hope this year no sloppy work *sweat.

And the following week is Comic Fiesta 2010, more info at the official website, here.  I'll be in KL for a week! Shopping!  And meet some KL nendoroid collectors yay!

There's wedding to attend and BBQ outing before the end of the year.  Excited.

Okay enuff advertisement.  Lets talk about fewd.

Me and Ms. Paha planned to raid Boston Restaurant at Karamunsing Capital today for brunch but was disappointed coz it opens late.  I thought they were suppose to open at 10am.  WTH mang.  RAGE!!!!

Instead, we went to Ipoh Town Kopitiam for brunch.

Some of the fewd on the menu is not available.  WTH!

I had Ginger Chicken with Rice, RM6.90 with peach tea.

While Ms. Paha had BBQ Boneless Chicken with Rice, RM7.90.

My raves, here.

After brunch, we went to Just Wargame to check out the tournament.  Saw some new terrains.  Neato! Oh, but I didn't take photo, lolololololololol.

Then Lt. told us, Boston is open.  *faintoi!  Screw being full, we went there for a drink.  We ordered Iced Milo Dino, RM3.95 hohohoho.

This is a gewd cheery drink.  I mean it make you so high that you'll laff till there's no tomorrow.  Okay maybe not but pretty much will make u happy for a day.

Since we didn't get to try the fewd this time.  I'll post up some of the menu pages and stuff.

On the table, imagine they use the whole set.  They'd be so broke it's not even farnie.  Just a thought though.

The menu OMG so oriental.

Convenience from asking wifi password.  It's provided.

Some choices of drinks and fewd.

There's few pages of it, but I didn't take every single of it.  Too many tarp fewd. 

My raves, here.

Gonna workout in few hours.  Must work for the carbs!


  1. HC! YAY! CF! YAY! money fly like crazy!

  2. KL shopping! I'm ready with my $$ woohoo!

  3. KL nendoroid collectors..awesome

  4. @Bernard, u going CF?

  5. the most fun month of the year YAY !!!

  6. @Nova:yay! can't wait for new year!