Thursday, December 09, 2010

Car business

So my colleague was asking me about whether I've collected my car registration card since my last car payment was around November yay~ Yes, it took me awhile, I just collected it today.  Went to the bank, seriously, it's a bit confusing that you have to go to two different bank office just to retrieve the registration card and the release letter.  And suddenly so many people today.  Weird.  Once I got those documents, went to JPJ, same case, so many people orz.  But at least settled it today.

But before I got through completing that task, I sent my sis to work and went to Segama with mum to waste an hour of time, I'm guessing bank open at 9:30am?  Or not? No idea.  It was a random guess.  Window shopping, found some stuff I wanted to buy but didn't bring enuff money to purchase, dammit!!! I could borrow from mum but I rather not do that.  Well at least it can refrain me from impulse buying.  Before we proceed to our destination BANK, I suddenly wanted to eat "Lontong".  It's been awhile.  The only place I could think of, Restoran Sri Rahmat. 

This place been running for over 30 years.  Since November 1978 man.  I remember going there when I was younger. 

And one of my favorite, share with mum.  Can't eat all the time.  This is RM3.  But when I saw the menu, I wanted Laksa and Mee Bandung argh!

So delicious.  I'm drooling.  I mean I wanna eat again oh wai- maybe after a month or 2.

On another note, if you follow me on twitter or plurk, I dun think I posted it on facebook about vandalized cars at basement parking.  I show j00 pictah now.

Iono whose car but these cars been here for months.  Somebody tow these away ody.  Taking up parking space man.

And yes, today is my run day!  I hope it doesn't rain.  I dun mind cloudy though.  Cooling ;D


  1. Ahhh, the final car installment. Such a lovely feeling :D I was smiling all day when I went to pick up my car registration all those years ago :D

  2. @Nick: yes fun fun fun! Now I can go shop for other stuff woohoo! ;D

  3. wah so syiok already finish pay up ur car installment. i am 4 years away huhuhu...but u know what, ive gotten my car reg. card already since i am no more using the insurance co from the bank im on loan with ;)