Friday, August 19, 2011

Belated birthday present

Went for a buka puasa with some friends yesterday and got this from Nick and Jean.  Belated birthday present.

Wait, the wrapper is pink? Okay.jpg I don't seem to have a problem with that lol.

Look at what I got!

OMFG! I've been wanting this for years.  And I sort of left these Pinky Street collections to rot well not entirely rotting la, but it's in storage.  Took less storage than Nendoroids but I still have it.  I think the reason I stop buying these coz of limited movements.  They're still cute though.

Anyways, this is a rare item okay.  And this comes in 4.  It's the PostPet Fun Factory set.


Cutest thing ever!

Gawd I miss those days when I have time to play with them.  I'm gonna make time.  Must make time.  Oh gawd!  It's so much fun this year!


  1. Glad you liked it. But you shoulda been there mang! An entire building filled with hobby and collector stuffs!!

    Jom plan for Taiwan trip hahahah!!! *pushes massy into hole

  2. Awesome birthday pressie. :)

  3. @Nick: I like this a lot. Anyways, jangan tarp please, fuuu focus on 1 trip at a time fuuu..

    @lina: Yes, this year is awesome ;D happy year.

  4. eeee kiut!! sy pun suka oh... :D

  5. @Nessa: kan? I was at a high when I saw this.