Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sembulan Bazaar Ramadhan

Mum wanted to resume her baju kurung shopping spree this week too.  Difference is, she's driving hehe.  Off we go I think at around before noon.  But guess what, Saturday and nearing to raya season, traffic jam.  We were at that stretch trying to get through the Kolombong traffic light for an hour.  Okay.jpg.

So while waiting, I decided to be vain.

Camwhore time!

I'm guessing cars passing next to our car look at me one kind lol.  Anyways, today I decided to try the green contact lens.  I think I like a dual tone or a more natural look kind of contact lens.  This one has the degree but not as clear as the one I got from the optometrist.  Able to see in the morning but I had to squint sometimes.

I got really bored at a point that I nearly fell asleep lol.

Reached Kompleks Karamunsing around noon or was it nearly 1am.  Can't remember.  Went to shop for stuff at Watson then went window shopping.  I couldn't find any baju kurung coz most of the ones I wanted either doesn't come in my size or it's way too pricey.

I think we were till till slightly past 4pm.  Left for Sembulan Ramadhan Bazaar.  Oh btw, the parking around the SESB building compound is RM6 fuuu~ so expensive, told mum she should have parked at Karamunsing instead. 

Sudah bayar zakat ka?

I lol when my sis told me to pay hers.  Like u're there, pay urself please *fespam.

Anyways, at Sembulan.  I love this place coz lotsa choices of delicious food.  Am gonna make you peeps saliva on these.  Shall not suffer alone hehe.


This pari bakar is damn nice.  Price range RM6 above.  Wait, why does it look like that dood is wearing a santa hat?  It's xmas already?  So soon? LOL.


There's actually more stalls/food at this bazaar but I'm not crazy enough to snap one by one.  Just some of the ones I visited.  Hehe.

Aight almost time for bed.  Gnite peeps.


  1. OMGosh! OMGosh! Banyaknya yummy food. *drool*

    But I nak the nangka! LOL

  2. @lina: Yeah, the nangka was great. I had em last nite ;D