Sunday, August 14, 2011

Karaoke outing + surprise birthday party

I don't even know how to begin this post.  It was EPIC and it's GREAT!  Friends awesomeness level over 9000.  I can't express it in words how happy I am.  But before that, lemme get some sleep.

The plan to blog this early phailed.  I got really tired/sleepy and do that instead.  Anyways, lets start.  My birthday was on 11th August 2011.  I was waiting for my 4 packages.  3 arrived on Thursday.  Which consist of:

But before that, I got angpow from mum and dad in the morning hehe.

I was contemplating the whole week coz I wanted to take a day off to go cut my hair but that didn't happen coz I wanted to wait for my packages.  I know, I'm sort of crazy sometimes.  Anyways, back to the packages.

My nendoroid Strength from Black Rock Shooter finally came with Nendoroid Petite Erio.

I was gonna like open it up when I get home but no time yet.  It'll be with the rest of the MISB figures then.

Then later came the gift from Miss. Littlewing yay~  Felt really good coz these arrived on my birthday, it's like presents coming at me all at once.

The dress I ordered since last week didn't arrive, couldn't wear it oh well.

Since work finish around 4pm during the fasting season, I left to Suria Sabah to meet up with peeps for buka puasa.  Kuya came early to accompany me.  Yay~  Window shopping!  I saw this cute dress at Vunfa and tried, love it but didn't get it omg.  What's wrong with me.

Had sizzling mushroom noodles for break fast.

The contact lens I ordered from kana sama arrived woot?!  That was fast.

Got these stamps from Yack Yack.  Thanks.

Karaoke Outing at Amp Square!  Organized by Ms. Paha, I mean *koff JNa.

First time there :D interesting.  We took the 10 person package with add # of person.

Total # of people came, was it 17?  Fuuuuuuu.

It was a Backstreetboys karaoke outing ahhahahaha.  It was fun! I don't know how many songs were in the queue but damn it was fun.  I went through a lot of cheek and tummy exercise in 1 nite.

Presents ;3 

Unlimited supplies of Dried Apricots from Panja *chuckled.  Okay not unlimited but hehe.  I've been craving for this for weeks okay.  And I finished a pack after the party.

Store these into a container, now left a pack darn I have to eat slowly.

From Sakuya.

From JNa.  FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I couldn't believe my eyes.  But I knew you can dew it! YAY!  She made this okay.  Damn mang! 

LOL! Almost same note.

From Nova.

From kana sama.

Here we have the video of my surprise cake hehe.  

Birthday cake = carrot cake with kitteh and me in adidas attire LOVE!  I'm a 1 year old YEAHHHHH!!!!

Photo credits: Fara
Kitteh and me.

More photos.

 Photo credit: chucky

Total bill for karaoke fuuuu~

Seriously, eventhough my eyeballs wanna pop up from lack of sleep.  THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!  LIKE EVER!  Durr + megusta.jpg tahap dewa.

Time for new camera.  Lumix GF3?  Uh oh, I saw this nice Pentax earlier, I should check that out.  *curious.

My dying Canon 710 IS camera.  How long has this been with me?  *checks previous post. 6 or was it 7 years? I can't remember.

12th August 2011, went to watch Cowboys and Aliens with 10 other peeps.

I think this blog post has been delayed for too long till I can't remember what I wanted to type lol. 


  1. such a blast day~!

    anyhow, it's not too late to wish u, Happy Birthday, aite?

    have fun throughout the new 'age' :P

  2. Awesome day! :)

    Happy belated birthday.

  3. Super birthday you had! Btw, we have the same birthday :)

    The Twerp and I

  4. It was your birthday? A belated birthday wish to you. What? no running shoes in those gifts? LOL!

  5. @TaQuiLa: thanks ;D

    @lina: awesome indeed ;D

    @jellybelly: Happy belated b'day to you too ;D

    @Nick: sadly, I wish there were. But ;_; disappointed.