Monday, March 27, 2006

Late salary *pftttttt. *calculating. heheh~ I spent more than I suppose to. *sigh~ >_<" dead for next mth. Oh well, must not get anything. I must not. Anyways, I forced the auntie cleaner (i call her makcik) to bank-in money to her ASB account. Heheh. I bank-in my money to my account so I dun get to use it. >_<" Hopefully I'll survive. *puhh~~~

Walk 2 blocks to bank is not that bad. But it does when u have to cross the roads and sometimes u came across some stewped driver who didn't wanna give way. Like this stewped lunatic driving a Kenari. Cannot see ppl ah!? Think you own the road izzit? *breathe~ on the way back, went to one of the restaurant to "tapau" lunch. Not feeling hungry yet.

When I get back to the office, some stewped ppl had smoke in the building, I barely can breathe. Imagine you're in a box full of smoke. Simple way for "D E A T H" *pfttttt~. And why this "pakcik kambing" here again?!? Wanna take free newspaper again la that. Hmmm. Go lunch huhuhu~


  1. ooooooo hehehehe yeap huhuhu

  2. I wanna save!!!! huhuhu~ loan money from my mum la like this :P

  3. er...hahahahah NO COMMENT!!!