Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Friday! Yet another lazy day for work. As usual, got out of the house around 7:30am, reach office around before 8am. What annoys me the most, "slow drivers". Hmmm, can't help it. Hate em! Imagine you came across car with the lesen "L"? DIE! Slow shite! Even at traffic light. O ME GAWD!!! It's like I wanna kill myself. Huh~ *breahte. I had "nasi lemak" for brunch. Bored. I was cleaning some of acing's old comics. Heheh was in the mood to collect. Ok I'm bored. I need to sleep.

Today's Wish: What I hope is for my other half to feel better :D


  1. Ogie lets strangle them!

  2. i dun wanna be in jail at dis age!!!! hahahhaha