Sunday, March 26, 2006

So I woke up around 7 something in the morning becoz of the sms from my mum. I went downstairs to look for my cat, Timmie. He was indeed hungry coz he didn't want to sleep with me. Around 8 something, shower, went to Gaya Street for breakfast. Had "Kon Lou Mee with chicken" at Tien Tien. Walk around Gaya Street. Mum bought few plants. They call it "Pokok Ati Ati"? No idea but there's a lot of different shapes and colors. Cost her RM4 - RM5 each. She bought some cut ones, cost her around RM1 each. She bought orchid and pitcher (periuk kera) plant. I can say total she spent today for those plants is RM48.

Ohhhh, I'm so attracted to the water lily. Somebody bought it for RM65 *sigh. Even if the small one cost RM28. Shite! I dun care. I'm so getting it next week!!!! >_<" Anyways, I took some flowers at Gaya Street. Ohhhh, so many ppl, I gotta say. Tourist! Lotsa em. And I notice lotsa Brunei cars around. Hmmm... oh and lotsa ppl selling puppies and bunnies. No kitties. Bought mint flavoured cotton candy! hehe. My bro pick us up around noon. Went to CPS (Centre Point Sabah) coz he wanted to get thumb drive. Bought some buns and bought Kenny Rogers half chicken for dinner. Oh, bought 1901? or izzit 1902? *confused hotdogs for lunch. Went home and took some photos of flowers and caterpillars.

There's two kinds of caterpillar I took today.
The 1st one is called Monarch Caterpillar which will turn into Monarch Butterfly (the orange black color type). I dunno wut's the brown caterpillar called. My mum told me that there's a green color one. I wish I can find it and take photos of it :D


  1. thank yew. heheheh i think the caterpillars are cute

  2. Wait till they start nibbling on ur favourite plant :P

  3. then i'll start poking it :P