Friday, March 31, 2006

I took a day off from work today. Again, I wish my parents would organize their garden a bit for me to walk. And it would be easier for me to take some nice photos of flowers or plants or maybe insects. Anyways, I was updating my dA page and modifying some photo with frames.

Around noon, I went to CPS to meet Junn (my x-colleague). Gewd news is she's pregnant! Yay! She's been married for 5 years and this is her 1st. Yay! Went to Palm Square food court. Had Wan Tan Mee, mum had fried rice and Junn had fried mee. Tasty! Lotsa sale but nothing seem to be attracting me. Oh well. At least I save some cash? Anyways, CPS now charges RM1 for each hour after the first 3 hours. So I had to pay RM1 extra coz I was there for 4 hours. It's not that bad. Well yeah.

Below are some of my flower photos that I wanted to share. I posted it at my dA page too. It's the same. I'm just posting it everywhere heheheh.