Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nothing much happen today. Lazy to wake up this morning, mum told me the flower bloomed. Shower, had breakfast and took my digicam, took photos of the flower and left for work. Seems like lotsa car today, that's odd. Hmmm...

Arrived around 8am, lucky! Got parking. Had rice + sambal terung + fried fish + soup for lunch and now I'm alone at office. Boring~

I took some photos yesterday, hmm, a butterfly (the butterfly actually landed somewhere when my brother was doing some flapping of his own). I was lucky to be able to take some shots till my mum came and make the butterfly flew away. Besides that, I took shots the brown caterpillar again. Hmm, oh and the new kitty! :D

They should definately do something about the office door. No security. Imagine if ppl come here and rob us? *shite~


  1. Got anything there to rob meh? sides Naruto dvds :P

  2. hmmm not that i know of. this place is a mess heheheh

  3. Thats why no need security :P

  4. hahahhaha ppl would want to steal those papers? no?