Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HedBanz and Birthday

So I followed my bro to Karamunsing yesterday to celebrate DiasFox's birthday. We were there around 4pm-ish and played a game called HedBanz. How to you play this game?

Easy, first you get those blue headband thinggie and place it on your head. Your friend will place a random card on it for you to guess. Each player has 3 token/coins. On your turn, you have 5 mins to guess the cards correctly. You win this game when you don't have any token/coins left. If you skip/pass a card, you'll take an extra coin.

To ask a question, you may refer to the simple questions card. Or you could ask the question in your own way. The other players may or may not give you tips/hints so you could guess it easier. But I doubt they wanna do that LOL.

Oh and I think max is 6 players.

But I guess we have to create our own card at some point coz some player/people tend to memorize the cards LOL.

Very simple and fast game really.

It was fun! XD

We got a bit hungry so went to McD to eat. Last nite's dinner for me was fries and ribena.

Don't disturb arine, she bites. XD

We finish eating and when everyone was there, we hand Dias his present. A prank by BakaNeko and his gf really. It took Dias nearly half an hour to unwrap the present. Why? It's wrap with multiple bubble wraps and selotape. It's seriously funny to watch but if you're the one unwrapping it, it'll be torture.

Finally!!! He said he can "touch" it.

The gift is a cd of his fav singer/group with photobook.

Group photo

Resumes at BakaNeko's shop with HedBanz again. They played till past 9pm. Since I followed my bro to the party, I have to follow him back LOL, *buzz cube buzz, needs to collect Durian Jam from Jna, remember? XD

Lucky Jna still at Arena. Got my Durian Jam from her already yay~ Went back home and thought of blogging last nite, but I was so sleepy.

It's my birthday today. I want presents!!!! Or $$$. kthxpie.


  1. *Bites Massy


    Happy [insert_age_here] Birthday huhuhu...

  2. Happy birthday! Yg ke berapa ni? hehe...

  3. @arine: hahahahahahahahah XD

    @mama mia: thanx. I'll let u guess my age hahahahah XD

  4. Finally the birthday post. Great that you happy. Being with your friends and brother some more.. really means a lot to have good companion around.

    enjoy your day. don't let anything spoil it. :)

  5. Selamat harijadi!! :D Sori teda presents... lots of virtual hugs from me!! ((hugs))

  6. @PapaJPP: thanks so much!

    @nessa: thanks. *hugs back!