Monday, August 17, 2009

My Weekend


Planned to watch G. I. Joe but we changed it to District 9. It's worth it! I love blowing and splatting bodies. Flying pig is funny seriously.


I'm suppose to attend my company's AGM but got the information a bit late. I've had plans for the weekend and it doesn't include attending that meeting.

I went to Karamunsing with my mum and siblings for breakfast.

After breakfast, went to SESB building for the "Pesta Jualan Makanan". Met and old friend of mum's. Aunt Linda. I knew her since I was young and always hang out at her place. It's been awhile.

Wood works from Sekolah Tunas Bakti. The small chairs are RM15 and the cabinet and tables are sold at RM50 each. Very nice. Reminds me when I was younger, my grandpa make a wood gun shape slingshot for us to play. LOL. We had folding paper and pillow cushion as fortress. Fun times.

Was suppose to join some friends to 1 Borneo for a photoshoot but I got lazy+tired from the hot sun and a bad experience in the morning *sweat. What happened that morning, stays there. *roll eyes at cubes. Don't even think about it!

Stayed home till the evening, my bro ask if I wanna follow him to 1 Borneo. So I did. Actually when I said I did, I wasn't thinking straight. When I actually did follow him, I got a bit lazy and wanted to go home LOL. Yes, my mood is weird lately. Maybe affected by the weather LOL.

We went to Mata'am Alladdin at the lower ground floor, near the parking payment counter for dinner.

I had Crispy Shawarma (Lamb) and my bro had the lamb kebab which I wanted to get earlier. Check out the raves, here. Oh yeah, I tried the chicken kebab before but I forgot to rave it. Hmm. Lets just say the Lamb is way nicer.

I'm so going back for more Crispy kebab! *slurps~


CSP have a beach outing but I decided not to go. Maybe I know it's gonna rain. Well ogie, I lied, scared of the sun. I spent my time watching tv (till it rained, there's nothing to watch after that), played facebook games *cough cough and sewing.

I planned to make a miniature sofa but I got a bit lazy drafting it. Instead, I make these small pillows LOL. I know, the 1st pillow doesn't look nice coz I sew it wrongly. LOL. When I close the other side only I realize that I should do it that way. Shite happens ogie.

On another note, wutever I draft doesn't comes out as it should be. LOL in terms of size LOL. Woops. That happens too.

Oh and, I took photo of those pillow with my Sebastian nendoroid, here.

I hope to make the sofa today. I hope. Must stop procrastinating. Seriously.


  1. i didnt want to watch district 9 cos it doesnt look like my kind of movie...even at the first 15minutes, i tot it was boring...slow bah start dia....but when si wikus start jadi alien, thats when things got heat up. :)

  2. @chegu: I have to agree about the first few minutes, but I think it sort of void in my case becoz blowing up bodies are WIN!

  3. =((((((

    I accidentally spoiler

  4. Not my fault for reading comments.
    Didnt expect got spoiler


  5. @arine: woops *facepalm.

  6. I haven't watched that.. :(

  7. yea...flying pig was really cool! district 9

  8. @mel: LOL, very farnie..WIN movie this.