Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New camera strap

I know this post might be a bit redundant but not everyone follows me on plurk or twitter.

So yeah, I ordered custom made DSLR camera strap and holga strap (for future use LOL). After 2 weeks of waiting. My straps (and Flan's) arrived at the mailbox.

Lets just say that I was all pissy this morning about this coz cleaner lady didn't wanna collect the mail till Friday since she already collected it on Monday. Lazy arse! Hmph~! After thinking for a bit, I volunteered to take it, since I want it so badly. So yeah, imagine crazy weather, hot sun and walking from Gaya Street to the Pos Office. I know it's not that far but the sun is not farnie.

Apart from that, I came across a beggar on the way there. OMG he smells, I mean seriously smells of pee *sweat. I'm sure he have his problems but OMG, he needs a bath. I mean like clean up everyday. I wasn't near him but the wind. OMG and my sensitive nose OMG!

Ogie, enuff of that.

Oh yeah, did I told you guys that it's my first time collecting mail for the office. Er, you just drop your bag at the counter and they'll grab your mail and return you ur bag. *sweat. I didn't know that. The bag is army green in color and it reminded me of army duffle bags.

And I got a bit blur when reach Pos Laju. They renovated the place. It looks nicer now and way convenient. Package cost me 8 bucks wargh *sweat.

Walk back to office. I'm showered with sweat. Thank gawd I dun smell. Boost aircond and open my package. Holga and DSLR camera strap. Believe it or not, I got these from an online blog shop based in Selangor. I've been looking for these kinda strap since Flan showed me these kewl strap from US. Those cost RM100++ *sigh. This cost half the price XD

The gewd thing about this strap is, it got a pocket on it for your lens cover and I just love to be different. Anyways, if ya guys interested in getting it, go to chenta puteh.

I seriously sound high when I first got it.


  1. tQ tQ tQ for the info Massy. That strap looks good on you. Aiya sa mo yg ada bantal-bantal ^____^"

    Hmmm lemme see. Ada kaini yang ada katun-katun ah. *clicks link*

  2. @cicak: LOL bantal bantal? @_@ *imagining sheeps hhahahahah

  3. colorful strap?... emmm... cannot lah...

  4. Camera's got colourful straps? I didn't know that, shows you how kuno I am!

  5. @swordie: can can *nods nods.

    @Nick: hehehehehe...yes, got lama sudah this. XD

  6. wah cantik owh...i waaaaan... :)

    for my future use oso...kahkahkah!!!

    massy, u got holga too kah?

  7. @Amy C: I dun have holga yet XD but I bought the strap for future use mwahhahah *sot masli

  8. kyute~~~ but i seldom hang my cam on my neck one lorrr~ love to keep it in bag always... dunno, maybe it's a habit~heheh


  9. @kana sama, lets hang it XD

  10. I like your DSLR camera strap... I would like to pick one for my new digital camera!!

  11. @Kendyl: Get one, I've attached a link to the site where I got it ;)


  13. Anonymous11:58 AM your strap and i have im interested to get the strap..n i click gor chenta puteh..but there is no item about the strap..can you help me on this?

  14. @Anonymous: Hi, I think they sold out on that one. I'll try to check if anyone else is selling it and will blog post it once I found it. Sorry.

  15. Anonymous1:05 PM

    awww..sad to hear that..please let me know aite?..coz i really love it..if u dun mind i add u at anything you can tell me der..ok?

  16. @Anonymous: I'll try my best to help you.

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