Monday, August 24, 2009

PHAIL Floppy Beanie orz

I placed my order for a custom made floppy/slouch beanie last June and made payment 1st July 2009. I've just received it today. What should take 2-3 weeks took nearly 2 months to receive. I was satisfied with my first order, which was my purple beanie, check my previous post, here. But my 2nd order, I didn't expect this.

Was happy to receive it today after bugging the seller for a month.

But, it's so wrong, in terms of sizing.

Before I show u images of the actual item. I'll first show you what I pre-ordered and how it should look like (click the source link below).

Source: Vans

Here's the actual item.

Nothing wrong there rite? The knitting is nice and the round shape is perfect. But when worn.


I've message the seller about it and she's nice enuff to redo it for me. *teary eyes.

I just have to send it back and she'll redo it for me. *touched.

I hope once she re-do it's the right type and size.


  1. heheh mcm rabai pula u massy hehehe

  2. @chegu: T_T huhuhu~ i dun wanna look like a rabai T_T

  3. Rabbi Mas! ha ha ha

  4. @cindy: *facepalming, jadi joke of the century ka ni?

  5. Bagus tu seller, most would not care anymore.

  6. @Jewelle: yeah, I know wut u mean.

  7. masi rabi? (LOL) massy rabbi... okok bad joke.

  8. Cantek oo the knit,the colour pun sedondon dgn baju mu :D

  9. @kent: ko jagalah the next time i see u !!!! hmph~

    @mell_f: I know rite. so cute tapi itu jak la..too small @_@

  10. whoa...looks nice..(i mean the actual item)
    but thank god can redo ;)
    once again i love your beanies T_T

  11. @ling ling: I haven't post the complete collection yet. One of these days. I'll camwhore again.

  12. "I just have to send it back and she'll redo it for me"

    erm...yeah right?

    I wouldn't have been so trusting... +_+

  13. @Nex: yeah well, I thought she'd redo for me, manatau delay again, *sigh. Refunded me already finally *sigh.