Saturday, August 08, 2009

Friday Boardgame Meet Up at CarcaSean

I went to CarcaSean today to return a book to Panja. Couldn't be called an outing coz it's experimental playground discussion session.

Anyways, Panja tested on Nasi Lemak Stand (currently single player game), which I blogged about last Friday (just in case anyone forgot, click here for the link) and I get to test play Battlefield Mechanicum. More info about this game, here. Please bare in mind these games are experimental playground projects, still work in progress.

Was kinda skeptical with Battlefield Mechanicum. Why? Sorry Panja, but I'm not fond of the word strategy. Unless it's puzzle games weeeeeeeeeeeee. Test subjects are acing and me. Being a blur person such as myself (when it comes to things I'm not familiar with), I just go with it. Wasn't familiar with the characters/army abilities. So when Panja said, "place your army on the map", I randomly place it according to how I think the unit should attack the enemy, in this case it's acing. *roll eyes. What I learn is that the opposing party is a close combat unit, ahhhhhhhh u sux with range. *cough cough, while the unit I'm handle have advantage in range attack mwahahah.

Each of us gets to control 4 types of unit, not sure if I could explain more of this coz we didn't finish it since it's in testing phase. What saddens me is I didn't get to use my Juggernaunt *cries. Acing bad! Bully ppl!!! But I'M GONNA GET YOU NEXT TIME! 1 movement is not funny. I mean seriously not funny. I'll update you guys on this game if there's any next time. You could also check their blog, experimental playground, here.

My bro came with his gf and Rina later on.

We played a game called Kakerlaken-Poker. It's a 4 - 6 player game. What you need to know about this game is that you must know how to bluff!!!! Put on that Po po po poker face XD

To start the game, distribute the cards evenly to all players. The one with the most cards start first. There are eight (8) types of bug on that card and the player (on their turn) place a card to a random player and let them guess whether he/she is telling the truth. The selected player though can look at the card and hand it to another random player and bluff or guess the card. If he/she guess it correctly, the player who handed him/her the card keeps it. And starts a new round.

This game ends when a player doesn't have anymore cards left in hand. Or the player collected four (4) same kind of bugs.

This is a really funny game. I had problems trying to keep a straight face. Can't help but to laugh whenever I tried to bluff at a friend.

See, I'm not the only one who can't stop laffing.

Oh yeah, and the game ended. Someone collected these and use up all his cards hehe~

The bats card are crazy. I think there's more than 5 of it there. @_@"""

Next cardgame is Munchkin. But we didn't get to test it. Hmm Acing said it's a long game. Maybe next time.

Actually, uncle been asking me to go to his house to try this game. But haven't got time to yet. But you guys can check out his post about it, here.

Move on to another game. I suggested we play Shadow Hunters, but Sean said it won't be fun if we didn't max out the players, so instead, he suggested us to play Cut Throat Caverns.

How do we play this game?

First, pick a character. I think there's only 6 characters to choose from?

Anyways I randomly picked, Legolas! mwahahah, ogie his name is Edaiyn BloodThorn. He looks like Legolas. No, that's not the reason why I pick em. It's random remember?

The number on top right is Initiative Card. Each player (on play) pick it at random to determine turns. The card in black consist of Action, Items and Attack cards. The attack cards are use to attack monsters. Each player are to draw 7 cards (in hand). There are some item cards that might be useful for the player during the game play. Like enabling a player to have 8 cards in hand.

This here is the creature life tracker. There are 10 encounters. If I'm not mistaken, we played till 5th encounter.

Example of the encounters.

Some of these monsters attacks more than once, at some point, a coin toss is needed.

So, in order to win this game, either be the person who be the last one to make a hit to the monsters by co-operating with the other players as teammates or sabotage them with action cards *giggles. I hope I could explain this in depth but it's almost 3am and my eyes is in that straining state. Anyways, if you need more information about this game, can check out BoardGameGeek link, here.

Oh and they tried a new game called Pandemic, not sure how this game works yet. Maybe next time, I'll check it out.

Ogie, I've reached my limit already. It's almost 3am and I need sleep. I hope this has been informative. Sorry if it's a bit too long.

Thanks for reading and happy weekend.


  1. Wahhh those little toys reminds me of my toy soldiers dulu sia kick-kicik. So siok!


  2. @cindy: those are actually W40k miniatures XD