Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Little Kitchen Restaurant

There's a big hu-ha going on around town about this new restaurant.  Located at Jalan Dewan (that area where Hotel Garden is), same row.  My friend who went there few weeks ago (wait, or was it last week?) recommended this.  We had the plan to go eat, me, my family members and some of the forumers went there for the 1st time last nite at 7pm.

I went there after work, why? sked lost and I don't wanna go home and go out again.  Can't stay at office coz no key.  Sad case yes I know.  It was raining heavily, thank gawd rain stopped before 6pm.  Oh yeah, this place opens from Tuesday - Sunday, 6pm - midnite.  So, dun go there around noon okay, they're open nite time only.

I was there at 5pm LOL!  Stayed in the car replaying Picross 3D on NDSL.  Hehe~ my mum and siblings came by 6pm, just in time when the place opens.

The place is air-conditioned and there's also fans with red color walls and comfortable 4 seats per table.  We seated at the end.  The lights are better there compared to when I moved to the center area where it is low light and colder (direct aircond)

Promotion for Sunday and Tuesday only.  I'm not sure till when though.

A better picture (*leeched from the facebook page).

Wanted to order the promotion pizza but it seemed too much, besides, we wanted to try the signature dish.  Lamb Shank!  So we did, we (mum and siblings) ordered two (2).  Sharing is caring.  :)

Oh did I mention the lamb shank owez sold out?

My bro sucking em juice with the straw.  Plate clean man.

I'd ordered 6 pieces of  Buffalo Wings.

Sis ordered creme brulee.  This is gewd!

The others came at around 7pm.  Sis and mum paid for the meal and went off while we (me and bro), moved to the center table with Nick, his wife and Panja.  Direct aircond, so cold.

They ordered.

7 Deadly Sins Pizza.

Pasta Alfredo.  I wanna try the other pasta next time.

French Fries.

Opps, I forgot wut's this soup called.

Somebody ate that handphone.

Check out my raves, here.

Overall it was interesting and nice.  Apart from that, we also smells like fewd.  Sames goes with my handbag lol!  *sprays febreze

Need to know more, can visit their facebook page, here.

Useful link, Everyday Food I Love in KK, here.


  1. hrm....worth to try this out....thanks for sharing! =D

  2. memang pun super sedap awsome and dam gwd :D

  3. @angelbear: yes,it's worthy XD thanks to lea ;)

    @lea: yeah I want the pasta next time ;)

  4. little kitchen here i come ... Mas, parking sanang ka sana hehehe, you know la old man ody malas mau jalan jauh hehe

  5. @uncle greg: parking around 5pm onwards clear sudah tu. Banyak parking. Time I left around before 9pm pun masih ada parking. No worries. ;)

  6. the pasta was darn rich with alfredo sauce. lamb shank was abit chewy though but the red wine sauce that went with the lam shank was awesome sauce!

  7. @Nick: I for one dun like cream sauce, but the pasta damn gewd mang~

  8. omg look really good la~~ how much is the pasta?? i wanna noms!!! >A<

  9. @dizzy chan: pasta is around rm14.90 add grilled chicken is another rm4.90 XD

  10. Auuuwww new place to eat!!!!! i heard about this place from my colleague too. OMG! all the food macam very sedap this! i want all! can kah? Muahahahahahahaaaa.....*punya tamak sa*

  11. @AmyC: bulih bah kalau muat, amalkan sharing is caring punya method sure can have all. That's wut I did XD

  12. Wah, I want to try this when I get back.. will bring the whole family.. hehehe.. The price not so bad juga kan?

  13. Eh? You have another brother??? I thought Cubex is your only brother??? Unless that's Cubex lar... and WAAAAAHHHH did he lose so much of weight!!!

    By the way, how come all the nice place to eat in KK pops out AFTER I left KK????!! Eeeeee...geram betui!

  14. o.O" 'ramai'nya makanan.. the Lamb Shank looks rilllliii slurppp~.. sa talan air liur banyak kali ody.. huhu

  15. LOL. Niceeeee! When come back KK I wanna go try :-p

  16. @Mimi: pricing standard like any western fewd restaurant. At least that's wut I think la hehe.

    @cindy: that's cubex ;) yes kurus sudah dia. I think he lost more than 10kg tu. But belum reach normal weight yet.

    @kuai: pigi makan ;) sedap tu.

    @kichan: yes yes, lets go!

  17. Aiyyaaaa ... semua pun I cannot makan! But it does look yummy though :D

  18. @Nick: can makan, but work harder = jog more kekekeke.. bulih tu. My weight maintained even I eat those ;)

  19. Thanks for sharing this post maslight. Will drive my way there this weekend... hehehe...

  20. @Ned: kekeke most welcome, bah kalau sudah pigi sana, if test makanan lain, kasi blog ah XD

    @joven: thanks for visiting.

  21. MmmMmm...lamb shanks...

  22. @Dan: yes lamb shanks ;3~~~

  23. I wannnaaa goooooooooooooo~