Thursday, August 26, 2010

Potluck Buka Puasa Outing

It started with "begedil".  Turned into a potluck buka puasa outing.

Wut's for "sungkai"?

Misc fewd and drinks from everyone.

Some photos from duck.

Special from Kirameki Cafe.  Lasagna.  I'm not sure if they gonna have this on their menu on a daily basis.  It was delicious :3

It was gone in minutes before I could get any photo of it.  Anyways, thanks Yack Yack for taking photo of it in the kitchen section.

Btw, the cafe is open for business but only serve drinks for the time being.

My drink.  Choco Mint etto wut was it again?

Some candid shots my bro took of me.  With duck's camera of coz.  Punya bidak!

Meanwhile, while everyone enjoying their fewd.  Pikachu and cafe staff busy cleaning and washing dishes.  Aduh~

photo credits to Pjal

It was fun and fewd was delicious! :)

Some other photos I took, here.

Oh yeah , it's nearing merdeka but seems pretty quiet this year.  So where's the flags? @_@"""


  1. nice....wish I was there

  2. nice! wish me and jean were there too!

  3. wats dat food yg chucky punya picture? lasagna look nice... :)

  4. @clay: nah tulah kami suruh ko datang ko inda datang.

    @nick: next time :)

    @amyc: cempedak?

  5. What a yummy looking potluck :D I especially an salivating looking at that Lasagna pix ...

  6. @Nick: the lasagna was gewd man. too bad not enuff for everyone. Or some greedy people took more than everyone else XD

  7. I actually googled "fewd" hehehe.. Until I realized it's actually food.. Silly me.. hehehe

  8. adeh... banyak oh food pics! sia naik berat badan suda just by looking at them :D

    i miss eating cempedak... lama inda makan cempedak oh :'(

  9. @Mimi: XD sorry 'bout that, I tend to type words differently here ;)

    @Nessa: I'm stuffed from eating yesterday. Oh the leftovers from cempedak last nite my mum goreng today. Punya sedap.

  10. saya awal pagi pigi ko punya blog, nampak makanan..belum brekfas, haiiyaa..begandang macam drum suda perut sa..hahahaa.. *taaapun*

    oh and, i did realize macam kurang pula sambutan ni merdeka kan? in tawau also, macam bole kira kereta yang ada bendera..

  11. Wahhh punya sedap! Been a while since I had "begedil"!

    I think kan, Mas.. you should turn your blog into a food blog bah.. coz you tend to post lots and lots of food photos lately! (actually since like.. forever!) lol

  12. Eh! mana my reply to ruth omg ilang ka @_@


    @Cin: sedap oh tu begedil. Nooooooooo my blog is not a fewd blog! Maybe I should move back my figure post here XD jadi x ketara.

  13. Oh my, I think the whole marching band has commenced a parade in my stomach after looking at those pics. o.O Lol!

  14. Cempadak tu jugalah sedap..hehehe