Sunday, August 01, 2010

UMS Colorful Japanese Cultural Night

Yesterday was tiring for me.  I had to go work on a Saturday to arrange stuff for company's AGM, I was there till noon.  I think I overdid it coz I was slotting stuff into the bag nonstop for 2 hours till I feel slightly strained around my back, too much bending and I was sitting on that dirty carpet but who cares lol.  As long as I finish it and get to go home.

Waited for my sis at home, she only finish work around 2pm.  Suppose to get to UMS around 3pm but we were there around 4pm.  This year the UMS Japanese Cultural Night was held inside the Chancellor Hall (airconditioning!!!), compared to last year which was outside (related post, here).

We (me and sis) were discussing if we should go with our Kigurumi on or just wear it there.  But since we thought people wouldn't recognize us since we'll be wearing that and putting on mask, we decided to go with it.  Bad idea.  The weather didn't help one bit.  I was sweating like crazy.  My sis did that whole reverse psychology thing on me but it didn't work.  Anyways, met duck at the parking and we went up to the hall area. 

The booths were set up outside the hall where the event took place.  Visitors are to purchase RM10 tickets for the shows.

Here's some of the booths.

After went through all that, I keep wondering where is the cupcake booth.  But I think I was too occupied with the whole sauna thing that I totally forgot about it. 

Oh yeah not forgetting this.

Maid + Cosplay Cafe opening soon.  Special member registration.  Badge! XD

Spot me? XD

Anyways I had a little performance with my siblings.  But my bro did most of the dancing thing. 

Were backstage most of the time.  It was nice being backstage, you get to see people practice (got big mirror damn gewd), make up and etc.  Besides, aircond is always great.  But going back and forth from hot to cold is not farnie.

The 3 siblings in Kigurumi.  I'm not surprise if there's many photo of me in that over the internet *rofl.  I gots lotsa fans ;)  My bro felt threaten by my popularity *kidding.

Special appearance by Mana Chan.

There were cosplay performance, martial arts, quiz and etc.  Didn't take photo much though.  I was tired from walking around.  The whole thing was done by 11pm.  I think I left around before 11pm.  My legs were tired.  I guess from carrying my bag around.  Must remind self to just bring important stuff.  Maybe next time if I were to wear it again, I'll bring a frog coin pouch.  Heheh~

Overall I thought it was okay.  It wasn't great coz I can't find the cupcake booth! LOL kidding.  2 times can't get cupcakes *wants to cry.

Reach home, showered, sleep around midnite. 

Woke up at 4am (4 hours sleep heheh) the next day for morning jog+hike.  My sis ffk me (coz she was tired).  I manage to jog 2 round non stop at Tun Fuad (I'm so slow T_T) and hike halfway LOL!  I ran out of energy.  I think that lasted for 2 hours or so?  Went home, did some chores, had breakfast, was planning to wash my car but it was too hot and the car wash near my house is not open *pft.  I think I started feeling heaty around noon, I have no problem eating though but there weren't much stuff to eat.  Besides, I dun eat rice and I try not to eat instant noodles.  I was watching CSI and The Proposal on astro till I fell asleep, it wasn't a deep sleep but more like a nap with the big pillow as my blanket (thank gawd nobody took any photo of me sleeping like that coz I think it'll look weird, heck I could even sleep on that single sofa all curled up).  Oh, I took panadol too coz I was feverish (after effect of the whole sauna thing).

But, no worries, I'm feeling much better now.  Off to bed.   

P/s:  I can't think straight when I blog about this.  I have no idea wut I type *swt.


  1. Kinda tiring doing cosplay performing eh? Need moar of them pedobear :P

  2. @Rungitom: astaga, @_@ another one who wants an army?

  3. i wonder how was the ums Japanese culture night..curious....hmm..must be great isn't it??ekkeke

  4. Waaahhh so cute!!! Were there any kimonos on sale as well?? :D

  5. @maslight: Chris Hansen will eradicate them all alone. Sadly no Chris Hansen impersonator.

  6. @fiona: meeting frens were fun! I had a fame thing going on for a day, that was fun too. But the lighting in the hall macam pigi clubbing XD

    @cindy: there were modeling but I dun recall any yukata/kimono selling booth.

    @Rungitom: yeah too bad XD

  7. question, where did you get you kigurumi from? I NEED TO GET ONE TOO.

  8. @raineee: Ordered it on9 via japan site.