Tuesday, August 17, 2010

poupee girl

Warning!  This is a slightly girly post!  So, guys, if ya dun wanna read it, just skip it hehehe.

Now you must be wondering wth this is.  This is the idea of fun for me for the time being.  In other words, apart from repeating picross 3D on NDSL, I'm playing poupee girl. 

So wut is poupee girl?
Poupee means “ doll” in French. In Poupeegirl, Poupee is a character that appears instead of you on the screen.
I started "playing", well more like posting photos of my items since 5th August 2010.  And I'm refraining myself from posting more than 5 items per day.  As you get ribbons and items when you post a photo.  Yes, for some this might just be another dumb game.  But I don't care.  This is my entertainment.  Besides, I get to see some neat stuff other people that I've never seen before.  Though, having it around for me to have is a bit difficult I think, unless of course you know the person IRL.

So far I've posted 71 misc items.  Yes, I think I'm crazy.  But I also can't believe that I have so many items.  I mean seriously?  Okay, I know I have a lot of clothes but I didn't know it was that much if you know wut I mean.  So does this mean I must stop shopping now? *rofl.  Maybe I should give it away when I dun need it anymore?  Cleaning spree!  Throw em clutter! I mean donate! Hehe~

Look at my stuffs!  This doesn't make me my age at all.  LOL!  Anyways, if wanna view my profile, *points bottom right in my blog, my poupee girl is there hehehe.

Yeah, that's about it.  So, if anyone (girls) who have poupee girl, please add me okay! :) YES! Saya gila! (translation: I'm crazy).

Oh! Did I mention a friend of mine been playing this since like forever, okay maybe not forever but I think for few years already.


  1. You lost your mind magi!!! you gettin crazy!!! D:

  2. @kuyachan: lai play poupee XD

  3. @kuyachan: noooooooooooooo

  4. Ahaha, kinda interesting though. Everyone have their own was playing or doing something, even to the point when other people say you're crazy; but hey, you enjoyed it right?

  5. confirm u addicted to poupee girl!!!

  6. At first i tot 'Poupee' refers to 'to poop and pee'.. LOL!

    Looks fun but I'm confused. What exactly do you do with the items you get? Can the Poupeegirl wear them??

  7. @Rungitom: yes, I'm enjoying every bits of it. I wanna play till I get bored.

    @Amy C: mari poupee! XD

    @Nessa: Yes, you dress the poupee girl. You get ribbons to purchase clothes/items. :)

  8. Wah.. I haven't try this out yet. Takut ketagihan bah.. :P

    PS: Mas - I went for a jog again today! Hehehehehe.. sunggoh bangga aku. Eh btw, I think you should post a pic of you BEFORE and AFTER jogging la. Kasi semangat lah kepada kami yang masih bulat ini untuk berjogging. :P

  9. @Cindy: I am ketagihan poupee! XD

    Musim puasa susah mo jog. But I'm cutting down my rounds for another less than 3 weeks.

    Before and after? Ko mo tinguk muka semput aku yang berpeluh ka? XD Punya hodoh muka ku time berpeluh XD siap clip lagi tu rambut. But for your sake, I will, tapi lepas raya.

    And gewd to hear that you jogged! Tingkatkan usaha! Everyday! XD Every now and then can have pleasure fewd kekekek

  10. mati mati sa ingat di FB..wakaka

    looks fun oo..mau main laa ;P

    anyway, selamat berpuasa massy!!

  11. @ruth: yes, I'm glad I spark some ppl's interest in playing this. siok bah se rasa tinguk ppl's clothes and accessories and stuff tulah tu.

  12. massy + girly post = scary

    are you sick? hehehehe..

  13. @Donna: omg I know rite? me and being girly so dun match oh. but I like this game :)