Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I'm famous for a day or 2?

Getting my picture taken so many times in a day during the UMS Cultural Night leads to this.

In chinese newspaper.  Thanks kana-sama for scanning it.  My office only have Daily Express, Borneo Post and New Straits Sabah Times.  Hehe~  Not the first time having a picture of me in the newspaper but it's fun every now and then.

On another note, fasting seasons coming up and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY!!!


  1. @uncle greg: nasib ada mask, penat aku sinyum.

    @pjal: *pat pat

  2. wah, massy famous :)

  3. Apa costume kamu pakai tu? So cute!! Oh, I'm linking your blog (about time) hehehe..

  4. Feels good to be on the papers.


  5. OK, the only chinese character I could read from that paper is the 'ren'. Did it mention your name there??? :D


    THANK YOU for the birthday wish!!! *hee*

  6. @Nova: 1 day fame?

    @Mimi: it's animal costume called Kigurumi XD macam mascot.

    @Rungitom: for a day yeah XD

    @Cindy: hahahah no name mentioned but fren told me something about cosplay and animal costume I'm not too sure of it.

  7. Kau faham ka apa dia bilang tu Mas dlm tu chinese tabloid? Hahaha...Cut out the article massy, kasi simpan for future reference aka for grandchildren's viewing. :D

  8. litteral translation of headline..

    "Rare Panda Peoples republic of China animal mascot found in Sabah. Is believe by leading scientists to be a missing link creature related to lovable China fat mascot bear. it term as spectacled weirdo Panda bear..efforts are now being made to capture the species for further study and possible mating program in China..LOLz

  9. @cicak: u didn't go to UMS cultural night?

    @chegu: I can't read most of it XD I think my bro have copy of it photostated.

    @dwen: orz. wadda. I'm not rare panda.

  10. massy : I didn't :'(

    lol at dwen's translation

  11. @cicak: *pat pat next year ada lagi. I think XD