Saturday, July 16, 2011

11th Sutera Harbour 7k Sunset Run 2011

My 2nd time, check last year's post, here.

Registered early and got 1 size smaller compared to last year.  Shirt still a bit big for me.  But it's okay.  This year, the organizers closed the parking area at Magellan.  Resort to parking at Harbour City which is not bad also coz a lot of parking.  Though crossing the road freaks me out a bit coz it's one big road.  Thank gawd for the Blek Yeti as shield 8D

Lesser crowd this year?  Not sure.  Looks like it.  Hmm, curious, what's with the lacking stocks for t-shirts?  Some of my friends end up with caps.  1 checkpoint = lucky draw card at Wawasan Plaza instead of 2 like last year.  I still have a problem with the road hoggers this year.  Next year, I'll be in front! Gawddamnit!  I swear all those breaking and crazy maneuvers consumes a lot of energy.  Performance wise, improved compared to last year, easier to breathe and weather was gewd.  Cloudy all the way. 

Senaman aerobic? Urgh.  Stretches.

Run with friends this year.  Need more people.  MOARRRR!!!  Met a bunch of familiar faces.

After run.

100 plus and IndoCafe stand.

Met Bernard when we're leaving for dinner.

Went to Kak Nong at Harbor City for dinner.  Hmm, posted photos on fagbook.  It was a bit too dark, so photo a turned fugleh.  XD  But yamchar session with friends is the best!

Ahah! Borrow photo from Blek.

Tomorrow gonna run 10km.  Not enuff run today hehe.


  1. Ughhsss, I hate having to maneuver through all those people too but starting at the front tends to make me run way above my normal pace and I'll tire out too fast, so have to just suffer slowly and then get to comfortable pace later.

    Congrats on the run:D

  2. @Nick: Thanks. I know rite? I think the last 3km only I can pick up some speed. Less maneuvering. But yes, not bad pace but it could be better.

  3. Massy, whats the next run nearby kk? ...seh, bersemangat ni i wana join hehe.

  4. @chegu: none that I know of. Kalau luar KK aku tau sikit hehehehe. In kk kan, satu tahun I think ada 3 run sija. Sedih oh kan. I wish they have more.