Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello Sunday

Good Mor-zzz.

How are you people?  *looks outside the window.  Why issit to bright? What happen to this morning rain?  Gone so soon?  Anyways, lets talk about yesterday.  So yeah, I got yesterday planned out nicely in my head (I'd do this occasionally, I mean planning in my head, okay, I lied, it's all the time), I was gonna go to the tailor's, get a hair cut and go for some shopping at Suria Sabah.  Nope, that did not happen.  Instead, I skip the first 2 and went directly to Suria Sabah to check out the Shopaholic's Bazaar.

I had brunch at around 10am.  Mum cooked one of my favorite fried rice.  I think she had to improvise coz most of us can't eat dried shrimps.  Still taste really nice.  Must refrain!

Left home at slightly before 12 noon.  What is with this weather.  So hot oh.

Arrived at Suria Sabah past 12.  Check out the Shopaholic's Bazaar.  I think I was window shopping, sis wanted to go direct to Metrojaya coz she got her eyes on some stuff.

Went to some of the places I wanted to go but left disappointed.  No more shorts my size uhuhuhu~

Me and my sis were piling stuff at the Metrojaya cashier counter for an hour then sis was feeling a bit thirsty, so we headed off to Yoyo for a drink.  Did I tell you how sucky the reception at the LG floor? 

Went to 3dots coz I wanted to find some shorts.  Coz the ones I currently have are way too big.  Instead got these.  Can use for jogging hehe.

They ran out a lot of S size.  If not I'll be on a spree. 

Lets just cut short the Metrojaya shopping.  My sis is sort of a bad influence.  When I was like saying a RM99 shoe is expensive, this is what she said to me "but your garmin is more expensive".  Okay.jpg.  She have a point there.  I am not gonna tell how much I spent yesterday but instead, I'll show you a picture.  That's combined items for me and sis.

Manually calculated the amount I had to pay her back lol.  We couldn't find any calculator so I had to calculate it manually lol.  Finish calculating and paying.  I went to McD drive thru to meet up some friends at 7pm hehe.  2 of my friends were collecting that "My Little Ponies" happy meal thing. 

This was dinner.  I was dead hungry.

1 set not 2.


And here's the complete set?

Was there for few hours and planned to run in the morning.  But it rained so I guess I'll run in the afternoon, just hope it's not so hot. 

Till the next post.


  1. u try to find shorts smaller size, I always hope there's a bigger one...uhuhuhuhu~

  2. @angel: I know rite? huhu~ why can't they have every size hehe.

  3. It must have been a great weekend for you i reckon,,, shopping is my fav thing to do also but some times money tak cukup, so jalan jalan only lah...

    so did you miss to go for run?

  4. @eugene: Yeah didn't run on Sunday. Sore throat is bad. I manage to cycle though.