Thursday, July 14, 2011


I think I should shower first before I start this post.  Off I go.

Back after 20 mins.  Oh gawd, I need to put mask later.  I'm so tired.

Anyways, today, I planned to go to Watson at 1 Borneo to get some toiletries.  But before that I went for a run.  Only manage to run below 4km today.  I feel a bit strain.  Maybe 3 packets of biscuit is not enough for lunch?  I was hungry.  But sometimes, I miraculously could run with an empty stomach, but not today. 


I actually don't get this food fest thing.  @_@  Vote ka?

Went to pick my sis up from work and there we go.  Had dinner at Wojamama.  The 50% off Salmon promotion extended to 17th July 2011.  Yay.  It was suppose to end today. 

Other promotion.

There's another one, umm set meal with green tea ice cream, but I forgot to take photo.  Those are tempting too.

I had salmon head last nite for dinner.  Today, I had these.

Yofu Salmon, tasty.  Salmon fillet?  RM9.90

Salmon Sushi Pizza.  RM9.90.

Crispy rice as the base and salmon as topping.  Delicious!!!  Anyways, sis suggested that we starve ourselves and load with this.  LOL!

Salmon Sushi Rolls, I think this is RM6?

I'm already full. 

Uh oh, Brands Outlet gonna open at 1 Borneo.

Went to Parkson to survey DKNY Be Delicious perfume.  Survey my foot!  End up buying oTL.

My new favorite perfume ;3  Actually mine is on the right.  Everything else is my sis's.
And for purchasing these.  We get vouhers! MWAHHAHAHAH!

Last destination is Watson.  Coz I get points for spending hehe.  Don't ask how much I spend for toiletries and other stuff.  Today spending is at a not farnie state.  Make that overall this month, I'm almost broke.  Well almost.  Not totally but almost.  So I won't be eating grass like Nick (kidding kidding) hehe.

Oh crap, almost midnite, aight I'm off to bed.


  1. Hey,happy to know that you are still running,, good good,,,,by the way, i don't really like Brand Outlets,i don't think stuff there are of good quality,,,,,,,,, i am not sure if you have got this shop there, F.O.S,,, it i so much better.

    have a great run and a great weekend ya

  2. Hi eugene,

    Yeah, still running. Need to maintain the weight and running seems to do the trick eventhough I get leg pains every now and then. On another note, I think brands outlet is just fine. I've bought 2 skirts and some shades, so far no complaints, I also love to shop at F.O.S gawd u can't imagine the number of tank top I got from there these past few months. Anyways, happy weekend to you too.

  3. i love watson! i could get crazy buying things there and end up paying the amount equivalent to buying a 100ml worth od EDP. but i puas hati!

  4. Hahaha ... that grass is actually quite yummy tasting la Mas!

    I agree with Eugene, I also like F.O.S. and have quite a bit of tees from there :D

  5. @chegu: I know rite? tulah last nite bought 18 items sampai cashier terbingung, double check long list lagi tu, ada refund. But yang paling best is get to collect points hehe.

    @Nick: Grass yummeh? No want. I can eat kangkung la. At least can fry with belacan or garlic hehe.