Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My next favorite Android Photography Apps.

Mind you, this is sort of the probably 7th or 8th photography related apps I tried.  I was previously hooked on Little Photo/FxCamera/retroCamera but in the end, this is my current favorite.  Eventhough it doesn't have a lot of effects like Little Photo does, I enjoyed using this one.  And Massy being Massy, I'd be snapping a lot of photos.  Like since I got this umm this week? Prolly 2-3 days ago.  I've snapped over 50 photos.  Yes, I am crazy.  But I've uploaded 11 only XP

Some of the photos I took.  I love the 70s effect.

Other effects...

Other photos I took, here.  I've linked it with Twitter, Facebook and tumblr.  Hehe.  Yes, I'm crazy, for the time being.


  1. I hardly use my default camera in my Desire HD unless of course I need to take pix of my running stuff la ... LOL!

  2. @Nick: You're not a big fan of taking photos aren't u?

  3. Hi Massy don't forget my kontest last day this Sunday. All the best ok.Your gift on da way paham² ja lah have to cross Laut China Selatan.

  4. @Miss. Littlewing: Okay ;D thanks.

  5. Hi, Maslight... u have such great blog.. U have an email? Coz, I couldn't find it.

    Gonna send email to u...thank you