Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's not 24 million yet...

*troll.  I don't want a 24 million diamond ring but I would want some awesome gadgets, sekian, terima kasih.

I was feeling a bit bored today.  Actually I'm a bit tired but I didn't wanna sleep as early as before 9pm.  So, guess what I did?

Don't you think my froggie coin bank cute?

Now before you go "send her to the nut house" on me, I can explain myself.

I do this all the time.  Wait, lemme rephrase that.  Once in a blue moon, when I'm totally bored or when I'm curious.

It took me around 10 minutes to arrange it.

Coins from Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore etc.

Back to the froggie coin bank you go.

And another less than 20 minutes to calculate it.

I can't remember when I started doing this but the last time I did and exchange it to notes at the bank, I had about RM200.  This has been a slower collection and I'm gonna leave it that way for the time being.  Maybe I'll cash out when I reach 24 million 8D Okay, maybe not lol. 

Okay, I though have to admit that I'm feeling sleepy and tired from all that.  Time to sleep.  IT'S MONDAY AGAIN!


  1. i wonder why you wrote the number one by one. Your way in replacement of counting sheep is it?

    nite massy!

    p/s i woke VERY late this mornng pasal too tired from yesterday's run.

  2. @chegu: it's easier to calculate like that hahahah. Anyways, I woke up at 4am this morning. I forgot to unset my alarm coz I usually run that early on Sundays. oTL.

  3. Coins...NNNOOOUUUUU!!!!!

    *goes to a corner and rock back & forth*

    I have phobia when it comes to counting coins...just finished counting over RM3k of coins T_T

  4. @Nex: Never tried counting RM3k of coins before but have counted few hundred bucks punya lah last time. My sis punya money. I was like oh okay, tiring but I can do it lol.

  5. im more interested on your froggy cute!!! XD

  6. @Amy C: cute kan? I forgot where I got it though XD

  7. Nice froggy bank :D

    I've got my coins saved in this huge chocolate tin that is almost full. I don't even know how much there is inside but I hope it's enough to buy a nice bungalow when I count it ... LOL!

  8. @Nick: Kan! Anyways, how long have you been saving? I'm guessing it'll be more than me XD

  9. I like saving coins,just taruk every day small amount never mind,keep it there like a long time, then have trouble of counting them, get bored of counting,put them back again, then coins accumulate again, then tambah tambah then lagi banyak,,,,,,,,,,hahahahahah

  10. @eugene: easier to save in comparison to putting into your saving every month ;D

  11. Hai Massy you had a lovely froggie is really cute. Wanna tell you the good news, you one of the winner for the Littlewing Destinations Contest. Congrats and thank you so much for your support.

    Please send me your full name and full address to my email address at so I can post it to you.


  12. @Ms. Littlewing, thanks! I've sent you my details ;D