Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seaside Traveller's Inn

Long post is long...

I can't remember when was the initial plan date, but Pjal suggested we have a BBQ night at Seaside Traveller's Inn in Kinarut on 23rd July 2011 (Saturday) last 15th July 2011. Trying to recall if we had an initial discussion about this but my mind left me in a blank, must be the lack of sleep. Why did I wake up so early? I'm suppose to only go jog around the afternoon not the morning. I think I had a roughly 5 hours sleep. Damn you body clock!

I print screen a bit only but there was 37 comment on that. Back to how the plan started. So, there I was, bugging him to create the event page coz it'll be easier to keep the conversation going, coz the status update doesn't seem to attract much peeps (coz they aren't replying), to having more than 10 people confirmed attendance yay~ See! Told you! ;D Event page was created on 18th July, and there the discussion started on who's going and bringing what.

It'll be my first time there. I don't even know where it is. Anyways, if you wanna learn more about this place, here's the website.

Don't know how to get there? I was gonna google map it and embed it to my blog but I need not to do that coz they have a page online of it. Yay for convenience. You can check that out, here.

So, some of us thought that we wanted to book a room for overnight but guess what, FULLY BOOKED!  Y U NO has room?  I can't remember when I made my first call but I'd call on Friday and Saturday morning too hoping that someone would cancel lol.  And initially, I had planned on driving myself but mum keep asking me the same question over and over again that I'd ask Panja if he could pick me up instead.  And he said yes, yay!  So, I wasn't the only one, the Red Queen (Sakuya) also wanted to carpool.  Hehe.

I got my day planned out nicely but Y U NO ELECTRICITY?  Power trip twice and I was left with playing my phone for few hours.  But thank gawd my dad went and call to check, POWAH ON around 4 something.  I got time to copy songs to my thumbdrive!  New songs, new playlist.  I know I get a bit crazy whenever there's a trip/roadtrip.  I'd be compiling a playlist, but got this somebody keeps telling me that my songs are gay.  *roll eyes.

Waited for Daniel to pick me up at 5pm.  I think I started to sweat a bit.  Got all my stuff ready at the living room downstairs.  Manage to fully charge my phone too.  The puppies went a bit crazy when I went out to take stuff from my car.  Stop licking meh!  Mum and sis came back the same time Daniel reach my place.  Sis did  more shopping.  I think she went crazy coz she bought 3 shoes from Parkson.

Back to okay maybe pause, *advertisement for toilet break.

Okay I'm back from toilet break hehe.  Now where was I?  Oh yeah.  Sakuya with her marinated chicken!  On the way we go, it was cloudy.  It looks like it's gonna rain.  What happen to going early peeps?  *looks at planned time.  We got there around 6:30pm.

We initially parked near the tennis court, was gonna walk around and check out the place but when we got out of the car, it started pouring and we ran back into the car, but when we did that, it stopped raining.  okaywhatisthisweatheriduneven.  Calleld Pjal, he said to park at the Reception area.  Oh, inside!

It was windy but it was nice.  And weather was nice too.  But no sunset nouuuuuuuuuuuu~

Took some photos of the place.


And slowly people started coming.  *take photos.

Tons of em.


Food, drinks and everything else?


Duck was trying to tarp me with flash and lens again.  I ain't gonna touch it! NO WAI!  As long as I don't touch, I'm safe.  *paranoid.

The chicken wings are awesome.  MOAR LIMAU MOAR!!!!

Photo credits to Nova

Me, Pjal and AngelBear were stalking and trying to lure the cats with chicken bones.  Then had a conversation about animal abuse.  The stories she told me, left me twitching.  Care for animals not hit em urgh >.<

 Photo credit to Chucky

We left at around 10pm?  Cleaned up the place and yes! Group pictar! Only 1 shot, must fast fast.  Love this.  FUN FUN FUN!

Weather troll on the way home.

So I joined a contest a week ago, *count the number of days, just in case, from Littlewing Destinations blog and won 2nd place :)  The contest entry open since last Sunday, here.  Easy to win!  And last nite, receive a comment informing me about it.  Imagine me, being all high from BBQ outing with a bunch of friends, got even happier with this news.  Thank you!  Btw, contest result, here.

Long post is so long.  Anyways, Happy Sunday everyone.  Gotta get me to run 10km today.


  1. Looks like a fun outing, and congrats for winning 2nd place for the contest!! :)

  2. nice place, been stayed there with family a few times, simple & cheap with beautiful sea-view maybe shud try a bbq later :)

  3. @Lindy: Thanks. Yeah, it was fun. Too bad the weather been cloudy that didn't get to take any sunset shots.

    @aina: I nearly went on staying with a fren who has a room there but I think the more ppl the merrier. I find it harder to book if last minute. Think gonna try book a month early next time. Yeah gotta agree, the room is affordable. And I love the feel, very cozy.

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    i wan moar wing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Not enuff wings? Patty belum buka oh XD

  6. maslight~! I know I have not blogging and i think it's long overdue.. well u know what.. ur post for today has made me.. want to start actively blogging again.. Hehe.. *crossed finger* and i had our bBQ also.. today.. ;)

    word verification: puggist (LOL)

  7. i think the angmoh are glad when we finally decided to go...hahahahaa

  8. @Girllyen: Yay for BBQ! Anyways, I think my blogging consistency also been getting lesser, need more stuff to blog about ;D

    @Angelbear: LOL! wat's this I heard the angmoh kid splashing water lol.

  9. One of the good things that could we so savor is to have some good times with good friends,,,,,,treasure the friendships,,

    have a great week ahead ya,god bless