Sunday, December 30, 2007

ArtJam and Big Apple Donuts

I got lotsa pending posts. I.e. CSP Xmas Party (you can check doridori's post here and chucky's post here) and IRTeA's Family & Friends Xmas Party. Too many photo to edit and I'm sick, again! Yes, my immune system sucks =_="

I went to clinic already. I got 4 types of medicine already.

I was suppose to go to ArtJam at around noon yesterday, but had to send my sis to the clinic coz she got the fever for 3 days and was coughing. NO! It's not my fault. I'm not the one spreading germs ogie!

I only reached Burger King, Damai at nearly 1pm. And I haven't eaten anything yet. Surprisingly, I wasn't hungry. But I was after awhile ^^;;;

Guess wut? I got myself a new DS! CRIMSON BLACK!!!! If you dunno wut's crimson black ds, check out penman's blog post.

Oh wait, now I got 2 nds mwahhahahahaha. >:)

IT ISH MINE!!!!! MWAHHAHAHAHA. Ogie, FINE! That's not it.

"Scarlett" belongs to doridori a.k.a Rumil a.k.a edgar *uhuk~ *smacks

There goes my excitement ^^;;;

Some of the ppl who came. Urk~ I didn't take photo of choco, Rina and her fren, Rose. (actually toyboy was drawing dias, *worship toytoy FTW!)

bagus! i only took from behind, not in front ^^;;;

cute kitties in dori's car. *steals!

Me and dori went off to Big Apple Donuts at CityMall.

I followed dori's car. Gomen! I feel a bit guilty. Problem: PARKING!!! I haf no idea how many times did we turn. Well in this case, dori. It's a merry go round. @_@ After more than half an hour of that, we finally reach Big Apple. Oh wait, but that's not the only problem. Queue!!!! LONG QUEUE!!! I think we queued for half an hour?

wut I had the day before

Bought ourselves "A box of 12" donuts. Consist of 12 well in this case 11 different kinds of donuts. *drools. Both of us were hungry! Well actually I had 12 kinds the day before. ^^;;;

wut I had yesterday

Met up with stalka, flan and ling.

dori kena PWNED! Mario Kart DS *process of "racuning" Flan XD

It's time for me to go buy cat fewd! XD


  1. wahhhh.. massy.. lama ndak ikut perkembangan kau .. How are you?

    Dah sihat.. masih lagi sakit2.. aqduh kesian juga kau dis...

    aikk i wanna check that place too.. big apple. Interesting banyak donuts..kekeke.

    Saja kacau kau from the office.

  2. papa: wuah working on a sunday?! again? yes i'm still sick eh..@_@ kuyak butul ni..musim sakit jak all the way to the new year...

    anyways, yes, check big apple donuts out...beware of the long queue XD

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    lol flane pro! =D and ahhahah still can't take a full pic of me. XP

  4. You stil phailed to take pic of stalka :P

    Anyway, what are you gonna do with your 1st DS?

  5. stalka: no worries, there's owez next time leh..i know u got weaknesses :P

    chucky: ar? yes..i failed T_T my 1st DS? well dat crimson black is not mine's dori's ^^;;

  6. i went to big apple donuts 2 days in a row but failed to get any for myself.. they said they are out of donuts..sigh..

  7. meatball: woot?! abis?! wut time did u went? if not ko suruh flan reserve some for u XD