Saturday, December 15, 2007

Something for Nessa

I'm sorry this took awhile. Special presentation *cough for Nessa. hehe

I'm still recovering.

coz he's a brat, that's why name him booboo =_=" same like his auntie mimi, so naughty, he would climb on my back juz to get attention. sometimes even jump on my lap =_=" nails booboo nails!

the only white. i owez wanted to name a cat renji. hehehe btw, this is my fav XD coz he's different, juz like me

actually I couldn't think of a name for her. she loves to sleep. among all of them, she sleeps the most! seriously!

gremmie. actually i wanted to name her moguai, remember the movie gremlin? *rofl. anyways, in the end decided on gremmie XD coz she looks like gremlins XD


  1. alamak so cute punya kucing..haha ada chaplin nombor 2

  2. mwahhahaha XD cute kan! XD 4 ada misai bah XD

  3. LOL the Hitler cat again! Cute!!!

  4. cin: omg~ i remember calling one of my cats hitler before. but i think he become a bit sot? @_@ inda berani oh kasi nama hitler again XD

  5. OMG!!! how many kucings u got there?

    so cute!

    and they MOE!


  6. OMG! Thanks for posting their lovely pix!

    I love Booboo, Nemuu and Gremmie!! Kesian Renji... the odd one out... tapi mata dia besar ooo...

  7. penpen: i have 6 in my room, and another 14 outside XD

    nessa: glad u liked it XD it was hard to keep them still.. XD renji is kinda my fav though. XD

  8. Anonymous6:17 PM

    more cats pls :D~

  9. lol cicak..tunggu~