Monday, December 03, 2007

Fewd Galore - Er not so much *sweat~

To Nessa, sorry, I haven't taken any shot of them together. Btw, only the white kitten dun haf moustache.

I shall now begin my fewd post.

Last Saturday, I planned to go lunch with my mum and sis at Vege Cafe, Citymall with Amy. Somehow I end up waking up so early. Like 6am?! =_=" something wrong with me brain. Anyways, as usual, I'll be checking the forum (can't believe I abandoned my blog for quite sometime omg). I wasn't happy when mum told me that we're going out at 10am. I was a bit cranky. Yes like a baby =_=" coz I have to drive bah >_<" We reached there at around 10am-ish. And went to Yogur Berry for breakfast (coz my sis wanna eat =_=").

the ceiling. so kawaii~ but seriously, i think the place needs more aircond, so hot~

Here's for ppl to drool.

frozen yogurt with fruit toppings

roti ikan and walnut

this is set A i think. erm u can pick ur own toppings

We walked around window shopping after that. Actually I'm not full coz I only had the frozen yogurt with fruit toppings =_=" Around noon, went to Giant Supermarket to do some shopping but I was a walking zombie around 12:30pm and I was complaining. Luckily I didn't faint. It's not even 1pm yet. But since I can't stand the hunger. We went to Green Passion Vege Cafe. XD I love this place, I mean the fewd.

i ordered laksa spaghetti but they dun haf it that day, so eat tom yam spaghetti lor

er something cream spaghetti, check my raving

miso er spaghetti? also better check my raves. i dun remember liao

I was suppose to help my bro with distributing fliers but I was kinda late. Coz mum and sis wanted to shop. Oh well, no worries. When I reach there, they (cubex, IRTeA, diasrandford and RinaCat) had already finish distributing. ^^; gomen minna~

Well, since dat's done, I stopped by Restoran Juara at Inanam to tapao for my parents. Well my mum did. Anyways, there were the digi promotion thing and they were giving out balloons. Here's the funny part. Mum asked whether I wanted a balloon, I said no, and guess wut she did, *rofl, she open the window and the guy who was giving the balloon was like chasing my car to give it to my mum *rofl. It was so funny. I couldn't stop laffing.

I reached home at around nearly 6pm. I was so tired. I felt like not going out after that, but wanted to join dinner with some of the forumers at Damai. So I did. U can't imagine how tired I was.

This part is to make pen pen jealous.

We met at Toybox's Damai. cubex, IRT, foxy dan, rina, me, vam, rach and obviously toyboy was there. We went to Maple Cafe XD

this is rice at the bottom, cheesu and chicken on top. OMG! I wanna try this next time. this is wut IRT had

ginger with spring onion fish, me and my bro ordered the same thing ^^;;;

What everyone else ordered. NO, I dun eat all of these la omg~

And this is specially for pen pen, finally, I give u toy toy ^^;;; (nah not my fault ah, blame toy toy) XD

translation: wo de pen pen zai na li? (where's my pen pen?)

Actually I got more photos but I wanna go out now. Have fun! XD


  1. sadap ka itu laksa spaghetti?

  2. WAH LAO!!!


    wo de toy toy... wo zai zhe li!!!


  3. very funny to see toyboy punya muka like that! XD

    PS: u just made me hungry again!!!

  4. george: well actually i haven't try laksa spaghetti but i love the tom yam spaghetti XD

    pen pen: lol XD

    lee: *rofl opps gomen~ not my fault, he's the one who said dun post his i didn't XD i post toy toy mar XD

  5. It never fails, everytime I come here, I leave feeling hungry ... LOL!

  6. nick: hehehehe XD i'll let u drool everytime u visit XD

  7. Massy I don't like you! I'm hungry again! And I just ate lunch!

  8. acom: hehehehe ^^;;;

  9. slurrpppp! delicious!

  10. adoiii!! si massy ni kan!! She's the queen of making people drool! LOL!

    i want yogurberry! tunggu lah habis pantang ni.. I'm going straight there in my sarong! LOL!

    where's maple cafe ah? why never heard before one?

  11. kekeke sabar ko shemah..bukan selalu jua XD

    maple cafe is at damai, near toybox XD side shop dekat church tu?

  12. oooo... ohkayyy!! nanti I go there.. thanks Massy! i can always count on you to kasi kempunan me! LOL!

  13. Alamak... silap u-turn this. Now Im really hungry after wathcing all this. Aiiiyooohhh.. and it's 3pm exactly now.. where to find good food. Tea break at damai then.. alone...

    Shemah sabar kau ah.. relax.. nanti makan berabis kau.. hahaha

  14. shemah: i'll do my best! XD

    papa: T_T sorry...but sedap bah hehe

  15. Air liur berguguran... :(*

    I so want to try the frozen yogurt with fruit toppings!

  16. nessa: heheheh go try go go XD sedap tu XD