Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gaya Christmas Carnival

Went to Gaya Street for the Gaya Christmas Carnival last nite with some CSP frens. We discussed in the forum, here.

I followed my bro coz I dun like to drive when jam. Hehe. Lucky! XD I think we went off at around 4 or 5pm like dat? Then went to KK Plaza, met dias there. Went to meet up with IRT at Gaya Street before 7:30pm. Had dinner at Rainforest Cafe. I had Fish and Chips. =_=" Not a nice place to eat. *sigh. Check out the raves here. The fewd are bad =_="

Got traditional dance performance, but we didn't stay for long.

Who came?
IRTeA, me, cubex, nichocolate, lee hng, diasrandford, vam vam, rachfran, namor and uh uh I met Shadow for the first time.

omg am I that short? O.O

groupo photo. cubex, IRT, vam vam and rach rach (^_^)V

bah shadow kasi nangis tu cat sudah

*rofl, apa ni men tutup tutup, ada affair ka?

More photos, here.

Here's a vid of Namor performing (credits to Namor, pinjam vid ko XD)

Saw fireworks, gahh my fireworks shot were bad =_=" I'm not showing. T_T


  1. i went there at the first day and it seem not much interesting thing to snap. i just managed to snap few photos. will post the photo later in my blog.

  2. so little pictures only...


  3. jeff: ahhh so..looking forward to it..yeah, we were waiting for fireworks but omg my shots are terrible

    pen pen gomen~ T_T