Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life for massy

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I got sick, I'm doing fine now.

I got a souvenir from my fren.

Me, acom, acing, dori and acom's niece? or izzit cousin? *blur sikijap, went to Wan Wan for lunch. It was my first time there. Wait, OMG I only took photo of the fewd omg!!!!!

Btw, I raved about it, here. I wish I could tell u more about how it taste, but something must be really wrong with my taste bud. Being sick is never fun.

But it was fun being with them. LUNCH WAS FUN! Lets do it again!!!!

After work, I went to pick my sis up from RTM and we went off to CPS. The main goal is to get presents, but instead, we were distracted. Correction, I was seriously distracted. Bought myself a ribbed tank top and a jeans. OMG! I can't see jeans, I got this habit of getting it. =_=" my sis keep reminding me not to but I want!

no more my size. *sigh. only left this color *sigh. i wanted a green one T_T

i frigging lurve this! XD

to be continued~...


  1. oooo bestnya!! massy shopping2 and makan2... But guess what? I can too!! oh wait.. i can makan but no shopping! No "ongkos" yet.. hehehhehe..

    It's high time i have that YogurBerry! And i hope you're feeling much better.. no fun eating if you can't taste/smell it!

  2. shemah: yes yes, i'm feeling way better now, eventhough masih batuk but not as bad as last week XD thanks XD

    yay shemah can eat liao oh btw, ada big apple donuts sana citymall omg!