Sunday, December 09, 2007

HobbyCon 2007

I'm sorry for the delay in posting this thing up. I was sick the night before HobbyCon, and I couldn't stand or sit properly. Was too woozie. I had some medicine (for migraine and allergies) that nite and had add 2 more this morning coz somehow I felt like having fever.

Actually I woke up at nearly 4am yesterday but I was wrong when I thought I was fine. Wanted to post an article for CSP front page but yes, I still can't sit. I end up walking downstairs, took a banana (yes I did this) and end up sleeping while holding it. OMG! =_=" see how terrible it is. But I guess the vomiting part did the trick (yeah rite). I didn't bring my car well since mum suggested that I follow my brother, so I did. Got ready at around 7:30am and we went off to KAC at around 8am (roughly la). Had breakfast at KAC, er didn't eat much, still feeling a bit sick (thanks everyone for caring T_T I love you guys!) I guess I was a bit hyper after taking panadol activfast @_@ hehe. Extra loud somehow. Sugar High~ yes I got a tendency to relate wut I think of to songs *cough. I can't explain myself somehow. Sorry 'bout that.

I met acom (my bad, I like to pronounce ur nick as acom not achomp XD gomen) and yes, I got a hug from her, as promised.

We started at around 11am but everyone was bz setting up their booth (*cough I mean stuff on table).

Who? What? How? Where?

Our event is held at KAC ground floor on 8th - 9th December 2007 at 11am to 9pm.
Gempak Starz (selling t-shirt, comics and display of artworks, seriously damn kewl~! If only I can do magic, I would haf er nvm XD), oopsmural, mnu (free sketches :D), TDD, Hangmen (showing his collection, wow, actually I'm a bit shy to approach ^^;;), selling of NDSL and PSP from ToyBox, computer games set up by IT Station, figurines display by Animage, Dungeons and Dragons demo, Magic the Gathering, dance performances, Pump It Up competition, not forgetting LIVE BLOGGING! Check out our HobbyCon Blog. We're trying to update it as regularly as possible. ^^;; What else did I miss? Oh, lolitas and cosplay. I didn't manage to get some of the character shots, but you could check it out at the above mentioned HobbyCon Blog.

showcase of artwork by gempak starz and TDD

Hangmen, now this, u won't see everyday man

sifu~ *worship worship

acom and gndagnor. he gave free sketches. @_@ i think i'll faint oh if i draw nonstop like him sweats ^^;; anyways, check out their kewl artbook XD

I was kinda shocked with the crowd. We have a lot of people coming in today which is great! My first time to meet some blogger *cough photographers *uhuk~ friends. I.e. jefferi, Flanegan, sr215 (omg I didn't see u, though I have a shot of u omg~ so weird), Julian Sabah, acom, Sir George (u didn't saw me T_T), doridori (I mean rumil) *thinking, who did I missed out? Anyone? O.O wow so many photographers, it felt kinda scary @_@

flan: usachan peace XD punya pamos usachan ko XD

acom - make up artist?

I did a short post at the HobbyCon Blog and posted some of my photos, click here. Sorry for the short description, I'm a bit retarded when it comes to notebook. ^^"". Since I seldom use it, my hand/fingers aren't used to it. Hehe, I can't type as fast as I usually do when using normal keyboard hehe. If that's not enuff to make you get all excited, you might wanna take a look at some of the shots they took of the people cosplaying and were in lolita outfit. OMG! So kewl! *peace

I was helping at the TDD booth every now and then. I wasn't feeling that sick anymore. I was walking around taking photos with acom XD so much fun! We should do an outing! Seriously!

The event started off with a speech by the organizing chairman, cubex. *thumbs no fear!

It was lunch time and mum brought us (me and acom) to lunch at Peppermint. I had, spicy chicken rice since I was so hungry. I think the lack of eating is making me suffer XD I feel F** hehe.

I missed out some of the dance performances photo taking coz I was at TDD booth *giggle.

Opps I forgot to mention. Our MC for this 2 day event is none other than, my sister *cough. DJ Selina XD

Lotsa CSP forumer and KKCC members were around. I love it! This event felt super! XD Yes I sound like I'm high again aren't I? O.O oh nois~ It's nearly 3am and I'm not done blogging yet. I still have 1 whole day tomorrow to take photo hehe. So much fun.

Anyways, here are some of the shots (out of 139 photos) I took at this awesome event *thumbs.

parakiss dance by csp members/kkcc

*uhuk i forgot the name of ur character again T_T gomen!

this is freyra, yah!!! i'm promoting wait more like introducing XD

some photographers around, *points at saiful

shuffle awesome *thumbs

fallenone and rina
dori a.k.a pedo a.k.a autumn party *cough

dori u think I dunno wut u're doing har? lee (sotong) and Namor, live blogging

rob apa ko buat tu? XD gahhh~ IRT and dizzy, ehem njay se tau ko sama rob hehehe XD

Dizzy and her sis XD kawaii~

my ex-classmates came to visit. thank yew guys! T_T

Hope everyone enjoyed reading this post. Please check out some of the above mentioned blog sites for updates. And check the forum regularly for updates. Thank yew to CSP members, sponsors and everyone who came to our event! Greatly appreciated!

We were at KAC till I have no idea wut time. We continued to hang out at McDonalds api api for dinner. Er, there were 2 girl wearing lolita (omg I'm sorry, I dunno ur nick), Dizzy and her sis, kanariya, doridori, lee hng, kcishere, FreyRa, ranz, RinaCat, IRTeA, rob-jr, cubex and myself.

After dinner, we tried to connect together for Mario Party and yes! Successful!!! XD It was fun and we can't stop laffing. 3 of us girls was going against cubex *cough cough XD Rina won in the end yes! mwahhaha. I think everyone's face turned into crab like color becoz of all the lol-ed. XD

So, for those, who does not wanna missed out on the great stuff happening at KAC, BE THERE! And get a copy of the Alice doujin *cough cough *promoting again hehe.

Pen pen this is for you.

Er, I'll post up somemore once this is done, too many photos to edit @_@

Mas will be sugar high again to


  1. haha...ko sakit ka.. macam sihat ja..anyway memang sia inda nampak ko..but today ada la sia nampak..haha

  2. *cough cough, yes, i was sick d day before @_@ sampai vomiting. yesterday, i think i was high on medicine and today lack of sleep but today i'm fine XD

    manada ko nampak se, se yang tegur ko :P

  3. now I get to know most of you bloggly!


    NICE to meet you guys!


  4. and thanks, massy!


  5. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Haha the two extra lolitas are me (foca) and my friend Amane Sakura~~ <3

  6. hehehe pen pen XD welcome

    foccacina: ahhh i heard u're there but i dunno which one is u..and u draw oso rite?

  7. Anonymous9:49 AM

    hi massy! sirgeorge oso nampak u but didn't go n talk to u. kekeke... me oso malu to say hi, coz i was not ready to meet u on that day. hehe... tot of taking pic with u on sunday coz i looked too tired on sat, just got back from da shop. sorry mas i dunno what to talk about when i meet ppl face to face. silly questions came out and i felt dumb. hehe... sorry to acom too! hehe... nice to meet u guys!

    p/s: massy, if u ever post dat pic with me, make my face a bit chubby and cover the bones. or change to ayumi's face or any anime. or, don't post at all, pls. kekeke... and you're not F**!!! aiyooo...

  8. Massy! Loving the pictures. But I look cacat doing si Rina's make up. Damn. :( Muka concentrate gila ni. Nda cukup kiut. :P

  9. Aiksss ada pulak gambar sia sama Aerith FF7 XD

    Anyways nice to finally meet you massy :notworthy:

  10. aahhahahaha..

    first day I took pictures, semua buat nda tau. Bagus la, semua muka nampak natural.


    *next year pakai muka lain pula

  11. na-o: opps XD nooooooooo not gonna photoshop it XD

    acom: *rofl XD cute bah

    fallenone: nice to meet u too :notworthy:

    saiful: *uhuk~ @_@ sumua buat inda tau lagi tu

  12. ..... i need to work out.

  13. Anonymous8:46 PM

    wha ? what u mean me with Rob? nanti dia marah lol