Thursday, December 13, 2007

NJay's Farewell Gathering

njay *mata berkaca kaca, ko mmg sporting *salute

I was on MC on Wednesday, but that wouldn't stop me from going to NJay's Farewell Gathering. Our meet up point was at McDonalds, Api-Api. Surprisingly, there were over 20 ppl there. Wow. T_T CSP is my home! XD

We had 4 ppl playing Mario Kart DS. (that includes me and acom *rofl), it was fun!!! (oh nois, nobody took photo T_T) But it was fun! OMG! so much fun! I WANT PLAY MARIO KART AGAIN!!! HOI!

Here are some photos (some male bonding *cough).

male bonding yes! XD rob-jr and doridori. ogie, kidding kidding. THE KI-CHAN FAN CLUB!! wakkakaka XD fan no. 1 and no. 1.1 *rofl

the very self aware stalka and ranzie. you guys see no evil ka?

sotong, memandangkan u're not in the group shot T_T this is for u

Dizzy and sis. kawaii~! XD

group photo, the dori pose *rofl

group pix, with me in it XD thank yew sotong

More photos, click here.

We went to watch Enchanted at around 9:20pm at Cathay. There's 18 of us. So much fun!!!

After watching this movie. Everyone should listen to...Jon Mclaughlin - So Close


  1. it was fun! XD join us

  2. Anonymous3:22 PM

    nizam shouldn't go! he shud join us for our srk gathering on the 29th! *sob sob*... :(

  3. T_T too bad..duty calls T_T