Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Again I would say I haven't been blogging. Anyways, this is wut's new. Lemme see, my parents are outstation and we had to get our own fewd. Woopa!! I skipped dinner last nite. Why u may ask? I was bz reformating and changing hddisk. My bro loaned me his 40GB hddisk. Yay~ ohhh my pc is faster a bit. Rather than the annoying error popup msges? Took me about probably 4-5 hours to finish doing it? Oh well.

Ohh, creepy thing happened yesterday. I mean around lunch time. My office is like opposite the police station. And yesterday was weird. There were siren. Very loud siren. Hmm..wonder wut happened. Anyways, we were like looking from our office. Saw people/police running around, no idea why. Maybe some kinda drill. The next thing u know, they were holding guns. Somebody "terlepas" kot. I wonder. *laffing.

Today eat fried meehoon with fried fishcake and fried chicken. Bought some buns for lunch if I'm hungry woopa~


  1. Walau... so old also can't jaga sendiri when parents not around? Not that hard to find food right? Hmmm... wonder how you survived in KL...

  2. hahhhah I can survive if I know where everything is hahahahha :P