Friday, April 21, 2006

I was quite bz for the past 2 days. Having some work to do is nice except for the fact that somebody else gets to relax. It's fine. But it won't be if that somebody is such a dumbass. I know he's been doing it for years but give me a break. Instead of monitoring him doing his job, it's me who's doing his job. Heh. And this stewped supervisor of mine also don't quite do nothing. Y, u may ask? Coz he's scared to get scold by big boss. Another dumbass. Anyways, as usual, being one of those who doesn't care about the world outside the "room". I found out that our Accountant wasn't feeling well. They said he looked pale. Hmmm, fewd poisoning. I wonder where he eat. He was vomitting every now and then. I had to put on my earphones to get myself distracted.
Well, yesterday was my eldest sis b'day. Being a pain again. She expect everyone to do her a favour by getting all her work done. Well, it's ur b'day and u're the one bz about the BBQ. I did her a favour by marinating the chicken and preparing the fish. I won't help her if I wasn't in a gewd mood. She was being mean again. Arguing to mum about cake. She expect mum to get her 2 cakes instead of 1. Heh. Lame. I dunno y but everything about last nite wasn't rite for me. Negative energy everywhere. *pfftttt~~ I watched American Idol and Amazing Race 9 last nite. A lil sleepy. My bro was nice enuff to switch the processor for me. *yay~ I'm lazy. Oooo not forgetting my sis was arguing about the DVD Writer too. *'s not hers. It's mine *pffttttt~~~
Anyways, as I was saying. Yay! Ace Young is finally out! Hohohohohoho. I just don't like how he sings. Well, in a way of saying he can't sing? To my ears that is. Hmm ooooo thank gawd BJ and Tyler not out of Amazing Race yet. I hope they win!


  1. Heh... want ur bro to do stuff for you but u dun wanna do stuff for ur sis :P

  2. my sis is mean!!! very mean!!!

  3. No comment... only know you and hanafi