Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I went to watch "The Wild" with my sis last nite. Umm suppose to watch the 6:20pm show but couldn't make it on time. Watched the 7:55pm show instead. Hmm actually wanted to watch 2 movie. "Water Spirit" hmmm I wonder. A really funny movie. Oh, not forgetting that I like the soundtrack! :D

This story is about these animals (as per above, except the gator) trying to save the lion cub. I think it's an ok movie if you don't think of the logic hahhahahah. Animals can't talk.

Today, what's today's like? Today is my panda's b'day. Happy B'day Panda. Couldn't celebrate with him though. Went off at 7:38am. I was late coz of stomach ache. As usual at any time, stewped lorry would be blocking my road (since it's near to a workshop).


  1. Actually I found the movie disappointing. Idea all ripped off from other cartoons... Madagascar, Lion King etc etc. Its not a BAD movie, but nothing great.

  2. It's like a lion version of finding nemo hahahahahha :P