Friday, April 28, 2006

Today's thoughts:
  1. Everything I do everyday are routine. (i.e. Wake up around 6:30am, straight to the computer, think what day it is, iron my working clothes, shower, getting ready, went down for breakfast, bug timmie if I saw him, went off to work, work till 4:30pm, go home, shower, dinner, watch tv, check computer, sleep).
  2. Timmie is such a sleepyhead.
  3. I thought it's Saturday and monday holiday yay~.
  4. Wanted to eat rice. Been eating mee all week. *puke~

I wanted to blog yesterday but I was too bz maybe. Anyways, yesterday I went to bank, after that accompany "makcik" cleaner to Segama. Went there, she was arguing with the tailor. Hmm, all the way back, she was scolding almost everybody. Meaning, we came across beggers (who are kids and a lady with a baby). Hmm weirdness. Oooo those kids are the ones who beg at Gaya Street on Sunday too. Hmm I wonder. Don't they have a home to go to? Why are they begging?

Boredom. It's no fun to be having the same breakfast everyday. Oh but I'm hungry. >_<"

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