Saturday, April 08, 2006

I've been watching naruto whole day yesterday. Oooooo it's so nice till I cried! Dammit! *sneezed. Anyways, when I got back home, my dad was asking me about family photos. Why everyone seem to be refering to me about photos. Izzit because I could remember wut's in and wut's not? *confused. Anyways, later that nite, went to Ever Best (photo shop) to take family photo (sorry Tina but you're out of the picture) mwahahhaa. Anyways, we had to wear baju kurung with selendang. Heh~ I'm not the kind who likes to cover my head. I was mumbling about it. Coz my dad was commenting on how I look bla bla bla. Conclusion to that, I was annoyed.

In the end, my dad said just put it over my shoulder. Heh. But mood wasn't there coz the place was a wittle bit hot. Uncomfortable when its hot. The outcome of the 1st few photos? I had a serious cold look. *shite~ anyways, yeah I dun get comfortable with ppl taking my photos. It's better that I take my own photos hehehe. That way I can do wutever I want. Smile all I want hahahahha. The finishing photos was funny though. The photographer was making us laugh so hard till mum was laffing out loud. Heheh. After that, we went to try the fewd at the new japanese restaurant near there. Oooo the owner, Mr. Yuji Edo (I think I got the name correctly) is very friendly. Hehehe :D He can speak a little bit of malay, english and chinese. Oooooo he can read and write chinese ooooooooooooo. Kewlness~!

Went back home with a headache coz limpas sudah my bed time. Hohohoh~ went directly to sleep. *rub eyes. Today gonna continue watch Naruto yay~

Oooooo something I wanted to share. From tancleon at Check out this one uh uh~!


  1. Until what episode do you have? If I'm not mistaken they have about 175 episodes and increasing... you're gonna watch all one after another?

  2. Oh, and you're "pic" looks like you're eating that pile of sh*t (especially cuz your its going into your character's mouth)... is that artist your friend or your foe?

  3. I watched it till episode 149. My bro has it till 177. Hmmm need to get from him again.

    Ohhh I just got to know that "artist". heheheh..when I was browsing the dA site :D

  4. Hmmm... must get back in touch with Hanafi just so I can borrow the last 17 episodes... I only have till 160 :P

  5. hmm... nvm, i can still give spoilers!!! want?