Friday, April 28, 2006

Tag of the Day: WHAT'S INSIDE MY WALLET ?!?!?!

Figure 1: Front view (fine! that's my thought...)
Figure 2: Yes, that's me toking. I can't draw :(~~~~
Figure 3: Everything else. I dun have much cash too, as u can see. >_<" My myKad, my driving license, calender, mesra card, bonuslink, enrich card, my bank card (you no need to know), the monthly parking ticket at my work place and the feng shui coin thinggie? Notice how I don't have coins? Collect em coins yay~!

I'm not sure how am I suppose to do this but Amy decided to show our wallet and it's content. So, here are some shots of my wallet. *confused~


  1. hey mas, thanks for being a sport!

    actually i saw this tag in DA, they post it in their journal BUT SINCE we are NOT DA subcriber and WE CANT post any pictures in our journal we might as well post it here in blogspot. ;p

    oh yeah, u can tag or other friends to do this tag too!

    p/s: nice wallet!

  2. heheheh ogie. heheheh I love this wallet so very much :D

  3. Hmmm... your wallet is surprisingly uncluttered. Oh, and its usual for you to be confused... half the convos I have with you end up with you saying blur :P

  4. hahahahah well, I guess I'm not the only one who says that?