Thursday, April 06, 2006

So, as usual, a boring day at work again. I've been continue watching naruto episodes again. Now, I've reach to episode 49. Till, I was called by my "big boss". Woo~ wut a scary feeling. Maybe coz he's bigger than me? That wut's scares me. Anyways, he was asking me about the database system and the membership card. Hey, I've already informed the person in charge and heh, why am I the one being questioned? *sigh~ stewpedity~ The person who suppose to be answering the questions is on leave. Lucky him. Unlucky me >_<" So, as nervous I am, I answer anything that I know. Yeah he seem to be yelling at me and the Research Officer. Well at least I'm not alone. *sigh~ Though I hate the Research Officer so much. I dunno why. Maybe his personality. Annoying heh~ Anyways, other than that, I was asked to update the company's website. Well that's no biggie, coz it's easy to just update it. It's just simple coz I dun use any complicated programming language and I could understand it. Though, somehow I think I wanted to update it to new. I just need some photos, which, I wish I know where to get since these ppl never seem to give me any photos of seminar unless if I asked from them. Anyways, this SIE 2006 logo I took from the original site (i've modified it so it would fit my page). And yes, we still don't have a company domain name which is sad. *sigh (my company website).

So, yeah, I didn't update my blog lately coz I wasn't in the mood (hence, I was lazy). I sure need a little boost! Heh~


  1. Summary: ancient aunt is a lazy person. End of post. See how much easier? :P

  2. hahahhahahahahha i'm not the only one!!! :P *kicks lil one

  3. who else? timmy? :P