Sunday, April 02, 2006

RTM 60 Years Day

I'm so confused how wut should I have title? Never seem to bother to do so. Anyways, my dad just came back yesterday from his business trip. He went to Cairo, Istanbul, Mecca and Madinah. Wait, I dun remember correctly. I should ask again. Anyways, as usual if he goes for a trip, he surely bring back some souvenirs. He bought henna for me and mum
(coz we asked him to), shirts, bangles, rings etc etc. Ooooooo I was definately picking the ones that I want till I notice mum and my eldest sis are more greedy than me. I wanna be greedy too. *pfttttt~~ I took 2 rings only. Oh well, nvm, I dun like to put on rings oso *kasi sanang² hati kunun!

Anyways, today, me, mum and dad went to RTM to see my sis perform traditional dance. And I took some photos (dun blame me if it's not that clear coz I sit very far and that photographer is so blocking my view?). We had stayed for lunch. I didn't wanna eat that much coz there's a lot of ppl. I'm crowd phobic. I can't stop asking my mum when we can go back. *rofl. Anyways, here are some shots I took :D Enjoy~


  1. walao!
    aramaiti geng!

  2. heahehae yeah. only bajau and kadazan attire.

  3. well, saved u frm buying water lily :P