Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This is wut I call terrible dissapointment for not backing up wut I typed earlier. *crap! shite! *hee~ anyways, dun bother. I'll retype then. As I was saying...

Today I went out for work at around 7:35am. The thought of going out early dun seem to work for me. It must be the working environment. No dicipline. *hee~ Why I got off late you may ask? Dad passed me some cheque for our car insurance. I had to run up to my room to get those cheque deposit slips. Oooo well.

Reached parking area at around passed 8am. I didn't wait long, oh that's nice. If I'm not mistaken, ice truck seem to drop by everyday to send some ice cubes to restaurants around my office area. I guess those loaders? or wutever you call, can recognize me and my car. Coz I'll be waiting for parking there everyday. Sometimes it's weird that you think that you might know them just by waiting there. Guess that doesn't happen to just the ice truck. There's some familiar faces there everyday.

After I parked my car, I walked to my office. One of the loaders were saying something like expressing wow. Ok I can't remember the word. I typed it earlier but now I forgot. I think he was refering to my hair. I put lotsa gel today. But it looks great!

Today, office is a bit empty. The office is always empty if you ask me. I was updating this blog earlier and uploading photos I took when I went to Kudat. I guess that's what I did whole day. I went to the bank at around 10:30am and came back half an hour later. My colleague was telling me that the boss had given the PA 2 option. Either to resign or to be fired? And this only happens after the computer course. I guess. Hmm, why you may ask? Coz since she started the whole not showing up for work thinggie and gets full salary did brought up some dissatisfaction among other staff. So, everyone is doing it nowadays. The boss have no other choice but to let her go. But I still wonder how she gonna pay off her debts. Well, that's basically none of my business anyway rite? Lunch was bad. Tasteless, lost my appetite becoz of it. Nothing interesting. Went off at 4:30pm as usual.

Slept after 10pm again. Maybe around 11pm or maybe midnite. Noi~!!! I should get to sleep early noi~~~


  1. FINALLY wanna kena goreng suda the PA... after alll this time...

    psst.. mas, kalo they ask for calon ganti, remember kasi refer sya ok..nanti sya kasi belanja makan roti canai + teh tarik kurang manis..;p

  2. ahahhahahah *rofl. sure sure I'll be the first to tell them got reference hahahahha

  3. Hmm... hair looks good means not like baru bangun anymore la? :P

  4. hahahhahaha nope. lotsa gel.